2015 Opening Lines

Hello and welcome to season 5 of FSL. My name is Mitzula, I am the Earth’s Ambassador for Shecky Green’s Intergalactic Sportsbook and Cantina.Last year everyone over at Shecky Green’s Intergalactic Sportsboook & Cantina had a blast being the exclusive betting hub of the FSL and we’re pleased to announce that we have once again secured the rights for season 5.

I have been given the opening lines for not only weeks 1 & 2 but also the lines for the overall champion of FSL Season 5. This year I’m hoping to be able to offer some insight into my picks as I too am a big fan of all things FSL. So without any more rambling here are the FSL Season 5 Lines.

Season 5 Weeks 1 & 2

Lines are now open, so head to your local Shecky Green’s Intergalactic Sportsbook and Cantina and get your bets in for this highly anticipated season.

New 2015 Team Logos

The 2015 season is closer than you think. In celebration of the new year, The FSL announced the brand new Phil Meadows logos for the new 2015 teams.

The Los Angeles Guardians of the Galaxy try to capitalize on their roots playing in the Galaxy while identifying with the upmarket LA metro area.


While The Cheyenne Mountain Gators make no secret of the pride in their teams ability to play to all fields.

Cheyenne Mountain Gaters