Week 10 Lines

The final week of the regular season is upon us, I’d like to apologize on behalf of the entire crew at Shecky Green’s for not having lines last week. Shecky decided that we all should have the entire week of Yom Kippur off even though a majority of the staff isn’t Jewish.

Without further delay here are your week 10 lines

Week 10 Lines

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All Star Game & Week 8 Lines

Hot off the presses it’s your All Star Game and Week 8 Lines. While the rosters are not yet finalized for this year’s All Star squads, we here at Shecky Greene’s Intergalactic Sportsbook & Cantina feel pretty confident in our line.

All Star and Week 8 Lines

Now I’m off to check out the Ryder Cup this week, if it’s anything like the Galaxy Cup of the Cigar Galaxy then it should be an amazing time.

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Hello Everybody:

Once again it’s Mitzula here, the Milky Way Galaxy’s Ambassador for Shecky Greene’s Intergalactic Sportsbook & Cantina. Our sincerest apologies for not having Week 1 lines for Season 6, with the Intergalactic Gaming Commission allowing us to book the Olympic Games in every Galaxy this year we’ve been a little overwhelmed. With out any more delay, here are your FSL Week 2 Lines.

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Week 2 Lines