FSL Tonight Week 5: “My eyes burn”

Spock burns with embarrassment, Canton’s still delusional, and Coach Harkonnen of Arrakis has bold words for Mordor. Meanwhile, the trade deadline looms two weeks away. We break it all down on FSL Tonight!

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10 thoughts on “FSL Tonight Week 5: “My eyes burn”

  1. First time reader long time poster

    Rough week for me 1-3. Vulcan really? I mean really?
    need some redemption this week:

    Serenity Valley Fireflys 3, Arrakis Barons 1

    SVF shakes off the loss to hold on to a share of the east title

    Vulcan Velocity 5, Coruscant Empire 2

    Vulcan won’t let that happen again

    Alderaan Rebels 2, Qo’noS Raiders 1

    This week I’m right and Alderaan turns it around

    Canton Jaynes 0 , Mordor Crows 15

    The FSL might need to create a mercy rule for this game.

  2. Go Fireflys. Whee. Still, I’ll take a loss to Mordor over one to Vulcan any day. Next week the Barons better look out.

    As far as the shake up on the Rebels team, I would just like to toot my own horn and say I called it two weeks ago. Old Man out, Ancient Master back in. Yoda still has it, he’s a master and a born teacher. Anyway, what’s 20 years off the sidelines? What is he, like 900 or something? He’ll do fine, and as soon as Solo and Skywalker get on the playing surface together they’ll be a whole new team.

    As the weeks pass, I find myself thinking of the teams that might replace the Jaynes next season. The SuperFriends have never fielded a team, but That would be great, wouldn’t it? Maybe the suits can talk them into an exhibition game in the off season, for charity or something.

    I have also heard tell of a proto-team practicing, Babylon5. If that were to be I would have a hard time not changing my favorite to them. Garibaldi is the Man.

    • I’ve heard a few guys at work mention Cheyenne Mountain putting a team together. They might seem a bit over-matched in the FSL, but they’ve always been a scrappy bunch. Who knows, maybe Jack O’Neill will come out of retirement to captain the team?

  3. Nothing all that surprising this week. I guess the most surprising item was what didn’t happen for Alderaan. At least for the time being, it looks like Kenobi was just a scapegoat and his decision not to play Skywalker wasn’t the sole reason for their poor record after all.

    I’m looking forward to this week’s showdown between a pair of 3-2 teams: the Fireflys and the Barons. Although my heart is with the Flys, my head says Barons all the way. The Barons have both the second most potent offense (33 PPG) and defense (14 PAA) to Mordor. Although the Flys aren’t all that far behind, I think the Barons’ strong mix of O and D will just be too much for Mal’s crew. Will a 2 game skid be enough for Jayne Cobb to think that the mud is always muddier? I’m thinking he might start clamoring for a trade if the Fireflys go to 500.

    The rest of the games this week look like a total snoozefest. Does anyone think that Vulcan will lose two in a row? No- especially not against Corustcant. I also expect that Qo’nos will put the beat down on the Rebels.

    Mordor is going to kill Canton. I mean it. I truly think someone is going to die.

  4. No surprise. I’m a Vulcan fan. If you’re human like me, dont ever go to a Vulcan home game. The atmosphere sucks. The crowd is just never into the game much – or so it seems to me.

    As for Spock – he is half human. This seemed to be his weakness this week. Will that persist, or can he overcome it? I think he’ll get it together.

  5. Okay, here are the predictions for week six:

    Okay, time to speak my mind: As much as the FSL has pretty much made them the poster-child of the league, the Fireflies are not that good a team. Before you start throwing stats at me, look at the last word in the previous sentence: TEAM. Serenity Valley has several good players, but the truth of the matter is that they lack the teamwork and unity of purpose that Arrakis has.
    PREDICTION: Arrakis by 3

    The Empire has muscle, no doubt about it. but their combination of mercenary free agents and power forwards lacks the cohesion that the Velocity brings to the table. With The Vader in the front line it’ll be close, but this home game will be a disappointing one for Empire fans.
    PREDICTION: Vulcan by 1

    As much as I hate to say it the coaching drama and player controversy surrounding the Rebels this season has killed their chances for a playoff slot. Any roster changes made this far in will be too little, too late. Skywalker WILL lead this team to a championship, but it won’t be this season.
    PREDICTION: Qo’noS by 3

    Do I even need to say it? I’m required to by contract? (sigh) All right…
    To call this one a blowout just waiting to happen is well beyond stating the obvious. If at least one Mudder player doesn’t come back from this game in a body bag, I’ll be amazed.
    PREDICTION: Mordor by 15

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