FSL Tonight Week 3 – Shutout Of Praise

Cheyenne’s hyperdrive offense short circuits. Can they recover? After a shutout of the Timelords, Justin tells you why Coruscant is still the worst team in the league.


4 thoughts on “FSL Tonight Week 3 – Shutout Of Praise

  1. Just thought I’d pipe in with some sports news around the Multiverse:

    The Barbarian League just wrapped up their season with the Lankhmar Rogues beating out the Barsoom Jeddaks 4-3. Because of their horrid play over the course of the regular season The Sparta 300 will be relegated. While no one knows exactly who will be invited to join the League next season, the smart money is on either the Orgrimmar Horde, or the fan favorite Themyscra amazons….Also, for the 28th year in a row the petition to get the Gor Tarnsmen reinstated as a team was laughed out of the owner’s meeting.

    The league of Legends North American Championship Series (NALCS) also wrapped up the regular season with TeamSoloMid handing Cloud9 a 3-1 smackdown in the best of 5 series. This automatically locks TSM into representing the NA region at the world championship, with Counter Logic Gaming getting into the #2 spot for worlds on points earned over the full season. The Immortals (who finished 3rd in this half of the season) have the coveted position of ‘final boss’ (i.e. top seed) in the regional tournament to determine who the third NA team will be…

  2. I just ordered my Senators t-shirt from fsltonight.bigcartel.com and I hope it gets here soon!

    I’m super happy with how the season is working out for my teams so far this year. I never thought I would dislike a team as much as I did the Mordor Crows, but I find myself retching whenever JuRY praises Kylo Ren. He’s a good player, yes, but he’s such an emotional wreck. He’s a man-child off the field. He wouldn’t even stand for the FSL Fanfare before the game! C’mon, man, show some respect.

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