FSL Tonight Week 6: Trade rumors fly

The wild card in the west is up for grabs, who has the best position to take on Mordor in the playoffs? Plus, Yoda’s not sold on young Skywalker, will Luke get dealt to the dark side? We cover all the trade rumors and more on FSL Tonight!

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7 thoughts on “FSL Tonight Week 6: Trade rumors fly

  1. Riv-ER! Riv-ER! Riv-ER! The thing about River Tam is that the opposing team can’t prepare their defense for her. Most of the time she’s on the court/field/pitch she looks like a drugged, sickly little girl. And when she’s “turned on” its a different look, every time.

    DID YOU SEE! Did you see the paparazzi photos of LUKE SKYWALKER at a garden cafe on Alderaan with a pretty redhead?! Her face was never shown but as soon as I saw it my brain exploded. The lady looks a whole lot like MARA JADE. Check for ’em online and see if you agree. I don’t know what that means but if it was Mara Jade….. WOW.

  2. I just don’t see Skywalker wasting his time with the Rebels. The kid must be just begging for a trade out of there. First Kenobi, now Yoda, who’s pulling the strings over there to keep Skywalker off the field?

  3. As much as it kills me to say this the ugly truth is obvious: Skywalker isn’t living up to the hype. Sure, he can score points, and if you look at the videos from his games with Tosche Station in the Outer Rim Territory Leagues he practically carried the entire team. But at this level of play that just doesn’t work, and both Kenobi AND Yoda have pretty much said that the kid’s uncoachable, and uncoachable prima-donna players are locker room poison. If Alderaan is smart, they’ll swap this punk for someone who can play with the rest of the team…perhaps bring back Kenobi as a player?

  4. If Luke really does go to the Empire, I can’t wait to see the father and son combo. Then they really will rule the league as father and son.

  5. Ugh 2-2 last week still in a slump.

    This week:
    Qo’noS Raiders 5 at Canton Jaynes 3
    Mordor Crows 5 at Alderaan Rebels 4
    Arrakis Barons 1 at Vulcan Velocity 2
    Coruscant Empire 7 at Serenity Valley Fireflys 8

    empire and SVF is the game of the week both teams are playing great but i give the edge to SVF at home

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