FSL Tonight Week 7: Agony and ecstasy

We see an absolutely insane trade help an unlikely team, while a dominant one plays dirty when there’s just no need to do so. They agony and the ecstasy play out in the FSL, and the only way to experience it, is on FSL Tonight.

Get the episode at this link.

7 thoughts on “FSL Tonight Week 7: Agony and ecstasy

  1. I love this series, and I don’t think I have ever laughed harder than the first time I heard it, but this episode was disappointing. The four minute plug for the GFL was just way too long, but I’m still looking forward to the next one. GO ALDERAAN!

    • I guess two and a half minutes can seem like four minutes when you see your Hero injured and crying like a Sissie… But seriously, I am glad the FSL has a sponsor. The ad was delivered with humor and in no way lessen my enjoyment of the episode.

  2. I’m glad Jayne is gone. The Flys didn’t need him as evidenced by the monster win with River Tam (riv-ER! riv-ER!) in his spot. I am surprised, though, at how well he played in his first game for the Mudders. It’s starting to look like the West has all the winners and the East has all the lumps. My Fireflys excepted.

    Well, Skywalker dropped a few notches in my book by crying like a baby when he got injured. I mean, I know it had to hurt—but serioulsly… “Noooooo! Nooooooooo!!” ? You’d think he’d lost a hand. I bet he was lamenting the loss of his performance bonus at the end of the season.

    And yes, taunting has no place in sport, but Mordor feels they are above the law anyway.

  3. I can’t say I went into the season expecting to see the Mudders heading into the playoffs and a possible Alderaan relegation. What a season.

    Personally I’m still pulling for the Winterfell Direwolves to be elevated for next season. I think they’ve proven that they can play with the big boys now.

    • Agh- the very thought of hearing the “Winter’s Coming” chant every week is enough to drive me batty. At least when they’re playing in the minors I can rest assured I won’t even accidentally catch their particular brand of ball on the tube.

  4. almost forgot to get my picks in

    Vulcan Velocity 2 at Serenity Valley Fireflys 4
    Canton Jaynes 2 at Alderaan Rebels 1
    Coruscant Empire 5 at Arrakis Barons 3
    Mordor Crows 8 at Qo’noS Raiders 2

  5. Can’t wait to hear the results for next week.

    I am thoroughly impressed by Mordor’s relentlessness. It’s very hard to keep a perfect record in the FSL and I don’t know how they are managing things so well. If they keep this up, they’ll be the champions for sure. Though I don’t think anyone has ever gone undefeated in the FSL.

    As for the Direwolves playing next year, I would be quite surprised if they beat the Lannister Lions into the league. And that completely discounts the Loonies who have also shown promise this year.

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