FSL Tonight Week 8: Flying and dying

We talk relegation, and take a look at some of the up-and-coming teams hoping to get a chance next season. And guess what, the league makes two big announcements about relegation. One is the announcement of a fan vote for promotion! You aren’t going to believe the other one, until you listen to FSL Tonight.

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10 thoughts on “FSL Tonight Week 8: Flying and dying

  1. Tom and Justin, once again, your speciest viewpoint did not serve you well. That Vulcan caller, Iyaz, WAS passionate–for a Vulcan. He practically did a Yo Mama put down on the both of you.

    That said, great show.

    Go, Fireflys!

    — Ken from Chicago

    P.S. I’m for the Babylon 5ers for next season.

  2. The only thing I can say for the Rebels season is ‘NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!’ Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t they locked for relegation from the Eastern division? At 1-7, they could still tie with Vulcan or Canton on record, but they lost both the head to head match-ups, Vulcan in the second week and Canton last week. Even if all 3 teams finished 3-7, Alderaan would still go down, right?

    As far as the playoff race goes, the only question on my mind revolves around the FIreflys (or anyone) being able to defeat Mordor. The only hope I have is in River. Redefining the big man role in recent weeks, she looks like a top class starter. Her unpredictability may be able to cause the chaos necessary to penetrate Mordor’s defenses. She just might be the key to defeating Mount Doom.

    • The only chance anyone has to Mordor is if Sauron loses focus and begins to look forward to next season’s playoffs. So long as Barad’dur is standing, no one else in the league stands a chance.

  3. As a die-hard fan of the UFP league, I can only look at Surak “Are you out of your Vulcan mind?”

    Spock has totally fallen off. It’s a good thing this is a contract year for him, and quite frankly, Tuvok and Spock got into a rather heated discussion on his spot in the starting line-up. At this point, I see no reason for Tuvok not to be at the #1.

    I think Spock is coasting by solely on his past accomplishments, and someone needs to remind him that the needs of the many outweight the needs of the few.

    Love the show, guys.

      • Look, I’ll be the first one to say that there has never been a better ambassador for the Vulcan Velocity than Mr. Spock. It’s a reason humans like us look at them with such respect, and why we support them as one of two teams from the UFP League that have made it to the FSL.

        But a certain rabble-rouser from the UFP League’s Contiuum Coytoes once said “All good things must come to an end”.

  4. Call it a gut feeling but regardless of how well Serenity Valley has been playing I just don’t think they’ll go all the way. The team is just too unstable and I’m thinking their season will be tragically cut short before long.

    I also suspect Mordor will fall. I don’t care how determined and successful you are, you can’t run a team with an iron fist, a razor whip and threats of burning in the flames of Mount Doom indefinitely. It might take all season, it might even take all of next season but the dark will of Mordor can’t stand against the light of the wold forever. A team will come up against the Crows, win and that will break the spirits of the Mordor team.

    It’s a bit surprising that more hasn’t come of the Alderaan Rebels this season though. Really. Maybe I just love a scrappy underdog (a scrappy underdog that bathes regularly, of course, sorry Mudders) or maybe it’s the chemistry between some of the team’s players but I thought they’d do much better. I can’t help but think it might be held back by an old guard refusing to let the fresh talent play the game their way. Mon Mothma, Ackbar, Organa, Kenobi and Yoda may have been great legends of their time but I’m pretty sure that time has passed. Let young Skywalker, Leia Organa, Han Solo, Chewbacca (I guess Chewie is technically part of the older generation but he seems to have found a place among the youngsters), with some guidance and advice of course, take charge of the game.

  5. Really disapointed that the Saiyans of Dragon Road where once again left off the ballot. The Goku and Vegeta combo would have run the gambit. Once again the far east teams will be discriminated against. The western biased media needs to be held accountable.

    • Saiyans,I really dunno if it’s a bias thing. Over there, you can run just a couple “Super” Saiyans and have everything come out peachy keen, but FSL is a team league, and the DC Champs are the perfect example of that. Sure Clark could have handled just about anything thrown at them on his own, but once they shifted the line up to get the most out of everyone, they were a whole lot harder to shut down. Saiyans also like to drag things out, and that’s well and good back in the day, but the game has changed. You just can’t slap a fresh coat of paint on a team that hit their prime ages ago and bring out a couple old names for the sake of nostalgia. Plus, why are they still running Krillin? I don’t care this way or that about padding out the team, but what has he really done since Day 1?

  6. I think ra602 may have a point. The Saiyans of Dragon Road getting left off the ballot is a pretty big oversight. Goku is the biggest star internationally and would draw huge numbers. He’s always been the guy that people would say could make the crossover into the FSL. Whereas the era of the ladies from the Sailor Stars has long since passed, a team like the Saiyans could definitely bring a more global feel to the FSL.

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