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  2. Still have a soft spot for the Costa Verde Cheerleaders personally, but they’ve been kinda halfassing it ever since their big blowup in New York a few years back. Whatever happened to them? Also kinda disappointed that the Sunnydale Scoobies are not on the docket this year, but I guess they’re old blood by now, and gotta make way for the new lineup.

    Regarding that and the new teams, I’m gonna have to back Ponyville believe it or not. They’re a young blood team with old roots all the way back to Dream Valley, but not taken all that seriously in the FSL since Firefly left. But with the Elements of Harmony assembled in full this year, the long awaited return of Princess Luna to the game, and a win against an Elder God of Chaos at home, they’ve got every right to be in the Great 8 next year and I would love to see them love and tolerate their way into the hearts of the fans.

  3. I am frankly appalled that the Windy City Wizards are not included in this list. You have Harry Dresden a captain who can double as offense and as a big man. Ebeneezer “Blackstaff” McCoy who’s mere presence in the Offense position makes mountains quake. Injun Joe Listens to Wind at Utility providing so much diversity as well as a calm mind in a pinch situation. Arthur “The Merlin” Langtry possibly the best Defense Man of his time. And if that’s not all Karrin Murphy the greatest Big Man ever. With coach Bob the Skull this is a team that deserves to be considered for next season.

      • I think they have had troubles getting into the league because of Mr. Dresden’s past run-ins with the law. That and someone seems to have it out for them, you always hear them mentioned early, but then when the time come to pick, they always seem to be left out.

  4. Cheyenne Mountain has my vote. Teal’c can play Big Man with anyone in the FSL. They’ve got strong offense from John Shephard and defense from Samantha Carter. Some people think Daniel Jackson is weak as a Utility player- but I think those people are good old fashion morons. I’m just hoping the invite to the bigs will be enough to lure Jack O’Neill out of retirement to captain the team.

    And we haven’t even gotten to their bench yet: Vala Mal Doran, Jonas “Can’t Lose” Quinn and, who knows, maybe we’d even see Ba’al step up. My interest is piqued!

    Go Gators!

  5. OK, OK, OK.

    The Ponyville Fillies….really?

    OK. I get it. Rainbow Dash is a superb athelete, and the #1 Overall Draft Pick. I get it. She’s got the talent to be the next Jayne Cobb or Luke Skywalker. But the bronies need to chill for a second. They still need at least another two off seasons of draft picks and free agency to compete at this level. Rainbow Dash is awesome, but they need to build a team around her first.

    What if Rainbow Dash runs into the wall that is the Coruscant Empire defense and takes a season-ending injury? Are they gonna bring Fluttershy off the bench to take her place?

    Get real, bronies.

      • I don’t want to make it sound like I’m a brony hater, I’m not. I think they’ve got a great captain and Twilight Sparkle and Coach Celestia is able to get some great offensive plays out of her. But than they’ve got a prima donna in Rarity, who is a locker room cancer.

        They’re just not ready to compete at this level. I’m worried that the bronies don’t know what they’re in for. If the Ponyville Fillies get voted it, they’re gonna make the Mudders look like Mordor. And excuse me if this offends anybody, but they’re gonna end up getting put out to pasture pretty quickly.

        It’ll get ugly…

    • There’s another problem with the Fillies that no one talks about—they do not recruit outside of Ponyville. I’m not the one to spread rumors like this but has anyone else noticed that they all gallop? There has never been a biped on the team, ever. And they’ve been around since the Eighties! One might claim Spike is a biped but he’s no more than a mascot

  6. A lot of Westeros League teams on that list. A lot of good teams in that league, but Ponyville Fillies and the Fighting Timelords are probably the strongest candidates.

  7. It’s got to be the Time Lords and the Cylon Sevens.

    The Cylons may look like just another team of average players but they are machines on the field! The Time Lords have a playing style so flexible and technically advanced that they often seem to score before they’ve even executed their play. Gallifrey does often play very defensively and cerebrally, much unlike the Cylons who have been known to unleash complete Armageddon on their opponents with an almost religious fervor, but they’re not afraid to do what it takes when it really matters even if it means sacrificing the team to enable the star player to decide the game. The Time Lords always seem to be at the right place on the field at just the right time to tip the scales in their favour and their unique blend of careful, sometimes almost complacent and arrogant, dedication to long term strategy and spontaneity when finally on the field could take them all the way to the top.

    But again, the Cylons shouldn’t be underestimated, they’ve been gone for a while but they’re coming back in a big way and rumour is that they too “have a plan”.

  8. Wow, a whole mess of teams are butting in bids this year! Just goes to show off the tremendous upsurge in the FSL’s popularity!

    Anyhow, here’s my opinions of a bunch of them
    Gallifrey Time Lords: One of the most enduring teams of all time. Their rivalry with the Skaro Daleks are the stuff of Sports history! Getting them in would be good for the FSL.

    Weyland-Yutani Space Marines: Let’s be honest here. this is a team who’s best years are behind them. Yeah, they kicked butt back in the day, but that was HOW long ago?

    Westerly Rock Golden Lions, Westeros Dragons, and Winterfell Dire Wolves: All three of these teams play in the same local conference, and watching them tear at each other for the past few seasons has been entertaining to say the very least. But let’s face facts: Could any of these teams on their best day take on Mordor?

    Cimmeria Barbarians: When the FSL was reorganized back in the day a lot of fans (myself included) felt that the lack of the Barbarians on the league table was a crime. They may lack the grace and subtlety of more modern teams, but their old-school style is nothing but exciting to watch!

    Cybertron Matrix: This is an extremely mercurial team: Some seasons they’re fantastic, some seasons they’re only suitable for recycling. Despite this, their fans are loyal, and could bring the league some much-needed revenue.

    Caprica Survivors: If the Fireflys have taught us anything this season, it’s that the FSL is a personality-driven league. The Survivors HAVE personalities no doubt about that, but they’ve also demonstrated that said personalities are almost as likely to be at each other’s throats than they are scoring points.

    Rivindell Fellowship: This is a legendary team, no mistake! but their weak bench could be an issue as the season grinds on and aches and pains of the front line mount…

    Ponyville Fillies: I have to admit I’m biased here, as these girls are ‘my team’. There’s been a lot of argument going back and forth about how they’re not ready yet, how they can’t play at the FSL’s level, how they would be relegation bait, etc. I remember people saying similar things about the Jaynes at the start of the season, and look where they are now.

  9. I am a little disappointed that the Aiel Dragons aren’t in the running. With Rand Al’ Thor, and Egwene Amyrlin Sedai as co-captains, and the big man Perrin Goldeneyes, I think they would make a strong candidate for promotion.

    They have taken on all comers over the last how many years with no losses.

    • I agree this team is probably one of the deepest teams in the minors. With Elayne, and Adviendha, utility Mat Cauthon and Thom Merylin, the Veteran leadership of Moraine and probably the most dominate big man, Lan, I can see this team even taking on Mordor… There I said it. Also if you’ll remember, this team moved to Camelyn after the Breaking, and has not lost in at least 3 years if memory serves

  10. The Matrix is Primed and ready to Roll out! You never need worry about players like Optimus, Ironhide, Jazz, and Hot Rod. This team has been waiting for its shot since 1985! Vote Matrix!

    • I’ve heard rumors that they’re getting some new girl to restructure the team, and we’ll have to see how works. I wouldn’t want to put the guys on the spot with a slap-dash team of whoever’s still around, especially since they have quite the legacy.

      • Good point. Best to give the rookie a chance to prove herself before making any hasty decisions. Plus, I’ve heard that there’s going to be another addition to the team who will have quite the legacy to live up to.

  11. I am personally surprised that Ankh-Morpork hasn’t submitted an application yet. Maybe it is still being processed? Come on, Carrot Ironfoundersson in the Offense slot and Detritus at Big Man are certainly a duo to be reckoned with. And who could ask for anyone better on defense then Death? Nobody gets by him when it’s all said and done. With Lord Vetinari running the show, there are bound to be plenty of surprises!

    Here’s hoping they can get their application processed in time to be available for consideration!

    • Oh, good one! I would think though, that unless Moist Von Lipwig is on the team they would have to settle for less than the best at the utility position… He could get it done.

    • It doesn’t matter who you put on the team with Vetinari running the show they can’t lose. Also if the librarian is defending the goal they will murder people. I have seen Bed Knobs and Broomsticks Apes in goals are unbeatable.

  12. Well crap… My long, well-reasoned post was lost to the ether…

    So, to reiterate as succinctly as possible: Babylon Fives.

  13. My vote just had to go to Gallifrey. I have to admire the guts and ambition of Serenity Valley, and there’s no doubting the way they’ve played this season, but I just don’t see how they can match up to Mordor. Maybe they will be able to pull something out of the bag but I have my doubts. Gallifrey is one of the few teams that looks like it can. I mean, the whole team has been playing like they’re really one dude. They’re so in sync with each other. Add to that a strong bench with the likes of Captain Jack, Rose Tyler, Amy Pond, River Song. I could go on!

    I have to say, I’m also keeping an eye on some promising teams in the minor leagues like the Gillead Gunslingers and the Normandy Mass Effects. Here’s hoping they make it someday.

  14. I can’t believe that my campaign to get the Deep Space Niners still got looked over. Personally, I think some officials in the FSL are afraid of the Defiant Defense (Sisko, Worf, Odo & Morn) running roughshod over their pretty boys like Malcom Reynolds and Luke Skywalker…

  15. The League in it’s infinite wisdom has seen fit to finally place the Windy City Wizards into contention for a spot in the FSL Premier League. Don’t be a Dead Beat vote Wizards. Bring some real Changes to the league.

  16. I understand they have only just become a league team but the Normandy Massive need to be on this list!

    With hot prospects such as Shepard, Garrus, Tali, Thane, Mordin, Jack, etc how could this team not be considered.

  17. To me, the Gallifrey Time Lords seen like the only team that has a shot against Mordor next season. Although Mordor looks unstoppable now, who can forget the 1955-56 season when the lost the playoff ring to the ragtag Rivendell Fellowship?

    Ideally I’d like to see the Fellowship in the big leagues again, but it seems that they haven’t been able to maintain the fan support swell they received in 2000 since the Peter Jackson biopic dramatizing their win against Mordor. The Time Lords, seem to be much more in the public eye right now, and play with same ingenuity, dedication and heart that the Fellowship had in their glory days.

    Even though it would be great to see a Rivendell v. Mordor rematch, the Time Lords are where it’s at this year. Here’s hoping to them finally getting a chance to prove themselves in the big leagues :).

  18. Really looking forward to a season full of rasillon and the the time lords dominating the field. Although there are quite a few timelord renegades that you really can’t control.

  19. I guess this confirms my fear that the Off-world Andys and the LA Blade Runners(Formerly SF Bounty Hunters) won’t be getting comebacks any time soon.

    • Blade Runners? The guys who sat around for two hours while the Lunar Replicants handed their asses to them? Decker is up to his eyeballs in controversy over the whole Rachel thing, never mind the Voit-Kampf fudging, and you still want them to play?

      • If Holden hadn’t been severly injured early deckard would not have been brought out of mothballs and i think there would have been more teamwork with Gaff (who i admit weirds out the entire team with his origami obsession).

        However, I don’t see how Deckard’s sex life is relevant to the team.

  20. A lot of strong teams, with long standing records.

    The Ankh-Morpork Hippos are entertaining on the field, but unfortunately they have showed plenty a time that their defence almost welcomes an invading team.

    After being reconstructed under a similar name many a time, the Babylon Fives are finally a decent team, with some really interesting tactical decisions not seen anywhere else. This is the team that the Vulcans could have been, if not wrapped up in their logic.

    As the newbies, the Ba sing Se Boulders are still a force to be reckoned with, often weak in the offence, but a strong defence. Struggling a bit to keep the team spirit, but when it all comes down to one last moment, they always pulls together, channels forces almost to great to handle for mere mortals and strikes hard and true.

    Two teams with a long and wonderful track record and incredibly strong on the field are the Gallifrey Time Lords and of course the Seldon Foundations. Both have a time honoured tradition of fair play, and the the eons of experience is matched only by the teams from Arrakis. Tough the Time Lords tend to be an odd collection of one-man-bands, the Foundations have their act together thanks to team captain the Mule, and coach Hari Seldon.

    I was very surprised not to see the new team put together by master player Ender. This dream team with players as Alai, Petra, Bean and the unbeatable Peter and Valentine, have showed us all that you do not need great age to do great deeds. Both legendary trainers Rackham and Graff have been an influence on this young and successful team.

    But when all is said and done, my vote falls on the Ponyville Fillies. The fantastic display of friendship on the field is almost magical to observe. This is a strong combination of talents, that could equal any of the teams in the league.

  21. I’d sure like to see the Weyland Yutani Space Marines but in the end i think its all up to them. WY has always had a ‘hidden agenda’, its almost impossible to see a strategy its so buried in machinations. And every player having to sign a non-disclosure agreement? Who will TM and JRY talk to? Its a faceless corporation after all.

    I do have it on good authority that their bio-weapons division may have yielded that ‘secret weapon’ they have been searching for. Who knows? Only Weyland-Yutani.

  22. My vote is going to the Betelgeuse Hitchhikers. I have to admit, their record wasn’t the best this past season, but I remember first hearing their games on the radio, and they know how to entertain the crowd. Zaphod has been (and I’m sure will continue to be) a poor team player, but the guy is a fan favorite and big personalities like his are what draw people to the FSL. Plus, they’ve recently acquired Arthur Dent from the Earth Tea Drinkers, just before that team was annihilated by the Vogon Bureaucrats in the post-season. With Slartibartfast coaching and Trillian, Ford, and Marvin on the field, these guys have the talent and tenacity to make it to the big time. There may be teams with better records, but the Hitchhikers are the only ones with infinite improbability on their side.

    I’d also like to reiterate a pervious sentiment and suggest an even bigger shake up in the league. What if only the two best teams in each division stayed on, allowing four new teams to move up the ranks? The FSL’s 2nd tier leagues provide so much depth, it would be a shame to force them all to clamor for so few spots. Maybe next season though, I’d hate to dash the hopes of all those Canton fans.

  23. Where are the Miranda Reavers in all this? Miranda has gone from your average, run-of-the-mill team just a few years ago to a team that has become the most feared throughout the ‘verse. They take the field with more ruthless aggression than any other team I’ve seen. Some people think the Reavers newly found agression is just a myth, something of a campfire ghost story to scare your kids, but I assure you, any team unfortunate enough to come across the Reavers will not be the same when the game is over. This team is so feared, they actually play all their games on the road as no one in their right mind will even approach the Reavers’ home planet of Miranda.

    Now, yes, there have been allegations that Miranda has been using performance-altering drugs. The Alliance has yet to address these concerns. FSL officials can not exclude the Reavers from consideration based solely on mere allegations.

    The FSL needs a team to rival the dominance of the Mordor Crows. Ladies and gentleman, the Miranda Reavers are that team.

  24. I CANNOT believe it’s going to be another year that the FSL does not consider promoting the Eros Dragons!

    Alai, Dink, Crazy Tom, Shen, Hot Soup, Fly Molo, Carn Carby. All amazingly talented players under pressure. Petra Arkanian and Bean!

    And of course, brilliant strategist and team captain Andrew “Ender” Wiggin. Ender plays his game like he was born for it.

    Under the mentorship of the enigmatic Mazer Rackham, the Dragons would be the youngest team in the league by far. Granted. But these kids have proven to be unstoppable on the field and deserve this chance.

    It’s an injustice to this team. Eros Dragons for FSL!!

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