FSL Tonight Week 9: Revelations or relegations

Two teams find themselves one week from playoffs or oblivion. Meanwhile Alderaan upsets and Vulcan’s upset. One things for sure, Mordor’s in the post-season. But who’s joining them? We have the scoop on FSL Tonight.

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12 thoughts on “FSL Tonight Week 9: Revelations or relegations

  1. Nothing on the minors? I know everyone is focused on the great eight right now, and the popular vote thing is a publicity grab, but you guys can’t squeeze in a couple minutes on the teams that will be filling some shoes next year? You guys better not glaze over the Hasbro Bowl, just because Mordor does some triple overtime “epic” against Arrakis, consisting of 2 hours of saber-rattling and some feet-dragging to boot.

    • Matrix vs Joes again this year for the Hasbro Bowl, and we know how that ends from the last four times the puny fleshlings went up against the Matrix.

      • Man, The Joes do NOT deserve to be in the Hasbro Bowl this year! The ref was in the Joes’ pocket during their semifinal match against Ponyville and everyone knows it! What the heck is a ‘hoofing’ penalty anyway?

  2. My thoughts on this week…

    CorusCan’t, you know what I’m saying? And it’s about time that Princess took over from her father to lead Alderaan.

    The Crows can be defeated by no man, so I don’t know if anyone could beat Mordor. It would take a seriously sneaky couple of hobbits to get past that defense.

    You guys need to lay off Tuvok, it looks like he’s not the only one on that team that is acting like they were on a cancelled tv show. They have the potential to bring it back, but it is illogical that the losing streak will end next week.

    That caller has been drinking heavily, what a typical Mudder fan. Jayne is the only reason we are still talking about the Mudders. I’m sorry, even diehard Mudder fans need to face facts about relegation, it is a real possibility.

    Remember to Vote Cybertron! Considering that the Gallefrey team is nonexistant after that series against Skaro, with the injuries on both sides of that battle, both teams are not ready for the FSL.

    The Matrix on the other hand has been rebuilt, retooled, reprogrammed and rebooted so much that they are Primed for the big leagues.

    As far as the Babylon team, they haven’t done anything in the last ten years. Their owner JMS has fielded new teams such as the Thunder Mountain Survivors and even was shopped to coach for the Archers, a UFP Leage team, but turned it down to eventually end up as head coach for the Asgardians in the Marvel League.

    The Ponyville team is still young and untried in the big leagues and although they have a kind of magic in the camaraderie of the team, and the fiercest fans I have ever seen, I don’t think anyone will think of them as anything but a joke until they see some action in exhibition against teams like the Scoobies, Sevens or even the

    As for the rest of the teams, the Sheldon Foundation is a joke, even being beaten by the Wheaton Nanas in the famous small rock maneuver. The Ba Sing Se Boulders are a strong team, but they lack vision. The Space Marines can’t even beat a team like the Geigers, let alone the Skynet Terminators over in the Dark Horse League. The Shannara Swords have these huge run on press conferences that will make your ears bleed reading transcripts of, and if I were looking in that league, I’d suggest the Sword and Lazer Goodreaders instead.

    Here’s to a great next week!

  3. We’ve got some big stuff coming this week.

    So, we have a guaranteed victory for Mordor, which pushes them to 10-0 and the Empire down to 4-6 and into a real risk of relegation. That’s it with regards to obvious picks- the rest of the games are a toss up. So- let’s take a look:

    Since Mordor/Coruscant is the early game, Arrakis will know before their game even starts that they’ve clinched 2nd place. Whether they’ll admit it or not, this will drive them to relax to get primed for the playoffs. As a result, Qo’noS walks away with the victory. Coruscant is out of the league!

    The east is a little bit more interesting. The Velocity is freaking hopeless going into the final game. As much as it pains me to say it, the Jaynes are going to walk away with a victory and a guaranteed playoff spot with the abysmal 4-6 record. Everyone loves a grudge match in the playoffs!

    The Fireflys v. Alderaan game will be interesting, as well. Serenity Valley will suffer the same fate as Arrakis- they’re in whether they win or not. So, they are looking straight through the “lesser” opponent and that will be their downfall: Alderaan walks away with the victory and moves them into a playoff against Vulcan for their lives in the league.

    So, the playoff picture will look like:

    Alderaan v. Vulcan: Cold logic does no good in this playoff for last place. Alderaan’s heart helps the Rebels win out and they walk away with an easy victory over Vulcan.

    Arrakis @ Mordor: Sauron has his eyes set on one ring: the FSL Championship Ring. Mordor keeps their winning ways going and rolls over Arrakis.

    Canton @ Serenity Valley: The unlikely trip to the playoffs for Canton ends in this high noon show down with their rivals from Serenity Valley.


    Serenity Valley v. Mordor: Although I am pulling for Mal’s crew, I just don’t think they have the fire power without Jayne. The Fireflys melt in the fires of Mt. Doom and Gollum and crew walk away with their precious trophy.

    • What a season this has been. It’s as if a couple of savvy, funny, inventive writers got together and plotted out the whole season like a suspense novel. Thrilling! And I cannot wait to see How it ends! I hope there’s a twist!

      I find it so thrilling that, even this late in the season, everybody has at least a shot at the playoffs—this is why the League Officials have resisted expansion. Market share is not everything, and this league knows that.

      Adding just two more teams to the league would necessitate either a season that is two to four weeks longer, or a limitation on cross—division play. Either way the result would be a less meaningful end to the regular season: a few teams would rise to lock a playoff berth, a few would fight to avoid relegation; most teams would be in the hunt for the playoffs but otherwise safe. Boring. This way is much more exciting.

      • I’m not a fan of the great eight style of the season, but I see your point. I just wish that during the off season, they could take a bunch of the minor teams and start a bracket with them or something. Lot of good teams getting looked over because Mordor and Arrakis quest around for six hours each.

  4. Yeesh, Justin. Tell us how you really feel about Tuvok, why don’t you?

    I mean, sure, I get it. He was on that pretty forgettable Delta Quadrant Voyager Team, who had a good run in the UFP League for a while until that prima donna Seven of Nine came along and sucked all of the emotion out of that team like she was a robot or something, but Tuvok is still as brilliant and precise a player as any of his Vulcan Teammates, and that’s why they acquired him in free agency. It was the most logical option.

  5. Big fan of the Arrakis Barons for years and years! That said, I really think Sting (altho really getting long in the tooths with his anti-grav pecs sagging significantly) may be their future secret weapon after he gets his prosthetic upgrade.

  6. No man can beat the crows, let’s just save some time hand them the cup and move on to next season. To this point they have played a perfect season and shown that this is the end time for man in this league. Unless Golumn gets tricksy there is no human male who can stop the crows. We see all and there is nothing in our shadow that can stop us. Mordor for the Win.

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