FSL Tonight Week 10: Canton believe it!

A huge upset sets up an improbably playoff in the east, the west will be Baron it all, and a review of who gets relegated.

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13 thoughts on “FSL Tonight Week 10: Canton believe it!

  1. Absolute craziness.

    With nothing on the line, I expected both Arrakis and Serenity Valley to take it easy this week, rest their starters and get ready for the playoffs. I was wrong on both points. This leads to a much clearer (and slightly depressing) relegation picture. I am not really sad to see Qo’NoS go, but to see Alderaan cut down so quickly was kind of a bummer.

    I am sticking by my picks from last week- Mordor over Arrakis and SV over Canton. I can’t wait to tune in Live to see how the Crows/Fireflys match up plays out.

    Go Gators!

  2. Wow. The Raiders and The Velocity. As a supporter of the UFP League, I’m embarrassed. I’m let down. I’ll tell you, both teams deserve to be relegated.

    I’ve gotta be honest. It’s looking like the entire UFP League needs a complete refresh…a reboot, if you will, of the entire organization from the ground up.

    I’m disappointed. I really am.

  3. The Alderaan team was the victim of bad coaching, pure and simple. Had Kenobi played Luke Skywalker in week 4 they would have beaten the Barons; and probably would have stayed in second place for the rest of the season. While the Velocity foundered, Alderaan would be in the playoffs now. One delayed decision cost Kenobi his job, and Alderaan ain’t there no more—it’s been totally blown away.


  4. yep. I’m done. No more fsl for this guy. Idk why they think its so clever for the stupid mudders to be so good even though that stupid show got cancelled… for good reason. Joss Whedon is sooo overrated. so screw it, go put your 10 minute advertisment in your stupid podcast and shove it.

    • Joss Wheadon got cut like 8 years ago. Why do people always bring him up?

      On that note- he used to bring the Hammer down as Captain and anyone who thinks otherwise is Horrible- just Horrible.

    • Hey bro, listen. We see it time and time again in all the various divisions and lower leagues that play this game – the success and failure of these teams is completely cyclical. The Mudders will go down again eventually and other teams like Alderan will probably rise up again. Talent comes and goes.

      Also: If I could “like” Dan Ziniti’s comment a hundred times, I would.

  5. With Velocity out, I’m not quite sure I have a dog in this fight. Vulcans at least were sticklers on routine, never letting trash talking and saber rattling get them into a drawn out match. With Arrakis v. Mordor, we may have the ultimate pissing match on our hands, and they are going to drag this thing out until they stick every single thing they can think of into this game for the big finale. Serenity v. Canton is gonna be a total wash, the drama angle will be done to death, and we all know that West will triumph against whoever eeks out a win. This isn’t just me, right?

  6. Wow, a lot of feelings about the Relegations. I know it has to happen to allow new freshness into the league, but it does hurt to see these grand old teams get sent back to their home leagues.

    Remember to vote for the Matrix! See you at the live show!

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