Watch FSL Tonight LIVE!

This Wednesday January 18th is the championship battle between the Mordor Crows and the Canton Jaynes. Immediately following the game, FSL Tonight kicks into high gear LIVE on the BBLiveShow Network.

Of course Tom Merritt and Justin Robert Young will host with special appearances from FSL game of the week announcers Brian Brushwood and Andrew Mayne as well as your calls, LIVE via Dragon SportsTalk Radio.

It’s the only way to break down all the action of the night, celebrate the victory mourn the defeat, and geta sneak peak at who will get promoted into the FSL next year.

It all goes down at 9:30 PM Eastern/ 6:30 PM Pacific at BBLiveShow Network.

4 thoughts on “Watch FSL Tonight LIVE!

  1. Okay, just got back from the finals, and I can’t believe I’m about to say what I’m about to say:


    Anyone who saw the game knows that Canton exploited a technical hole in the rules and brought in a ringer! How’s The Crow’s offenseive coordinator supposed to develop strategy when a shucking elf prince get’s thrown into the mix?!?

    Canton didn’t WIN this championship, they merely failed to lose.

    • I’m with you. We were talking about it this morning at work. The FSL NEEDS to have either a developed farm system or larger reserve rosters to be able to deal with this stuff. Having the ability to pick ANYONE from the myriad of unrelated minor league teams is a little bit insane.

      On paper, the idea seems to make sense. They’re supposedly pulling from a pool of “lesser” players since you’re forced to go to the minors. The reality is, though, that every minor league team is always one season away from moving up to the FSL. The talen disparity isn’t that large, and in the case of a player like Legolas (or Ford Prefect, or Teal’c, or the Doctor, I could go on) the minor league player is actually BETTER than most of the individual players in the FSL.

      The league has done great things to combat spicing and time traveling and the like. They need to apply the same logic to the substitution rules. (Maybe they should pick up a Vulcan for the rules board. I think Tuvok might be available.)

  2. Excellent show gentlemen, and hearty congratulations to the Jaynes for their incredible win. No matter what the allegations say, there will be no one asleep in Canton tonight. It will be hard for anyone to get up for work tomorrow, child or adult.

    I have to speak to the stories flying around the Arrakis Barons for a second and simply state I cannot praise more highly the decision to turn that team over to Leto Atreides. If anyone can return the Barons/Sandworms to the playoffs next season, it’s him. I’ve heard that the Lady Jessica was supposed to be out looking for a female to help lead Arrakis to victory, and that when she came back with a male there was a bit of an uproar, but if that kid turns out to be the savior of this team, who can judge her decisions? And the rumors of spice abuse have dogged this team for too long to have any validity. As soon as the FSL comes up with a reliable way to test for spice, we can have this conversation, but until then I have no problem believing that blue eyes are just unusually common on Arrakis.

    One last thing, I’ve got to raise the banner for the Betelgeuse Hitchhikers again. They’ve got great players, amazing skill, and hearts of gold, but one of their best features has to be their behind-the-scenes organization. The mice in the owner’s box may not be the greatest strategists, but they do know one thing: making money. They once had enough revenue to build their own planet! Plus there is the huge fan base of dolphins that would jump through all kinds of hoops to see their team play, and that means big revenues for the FSL.

    Looking forward to next season guys, keep up the good work.

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