FSL Tonight: 2012 Season starts June 16th!

Ladies and gentlemen, the 2012 season of the FSL is mere weeks away. You can feel the excitement in the air. THREE new teams compete, and with realignment, one of them is guaranteed to make it to the postseason.

In addition to welcoming Winterfell, Rivendell and Lannisport to the FSL West, fans will get to see how Mordor does when they have to face Serenity Valley and Vulcan twice in a season.

The website will shortly (if it hasn’t already) feature updated rosters and schedules for 2012.

We’ll preview all the action June 9th on Dragon SportsTalk Radio with Tom and Justin, so get your shields polished and your laser guns tuned. FSL action is on the way!

4 thoughts on “FSL Tonight: 2012 Season starts June 16th!

  1. Rivendell is a bunch of long haired hippies. At least Shepherd Book has the dignity to keep his hair up when in the arena. Look at the Vulcans, there are some haircuts you can set your watch to.

  2. I am woefully unprepared for this season! (It’s too warm outside for my brown coat and my blade chipped and shattered just last week)
    too soon for predictions but I am one again pulling for Mal’s Malcontents

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