FSL Tonight 2012 Week 5: The Worm Turns

Darth Vader dominates the desert, but will he turn the worms towards defeat? And The wolves are at the black gates of Mordor. Should you watch? You should definitely listen! To FSL TONIGHT!

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6 thoughts on “FSL Tonight 2012 Week 5: The Worm Turns

  1. The Velocity won’t be looking past Winterfell next week. Logic would dictate that the Direwolves feel like they can take on the world walking into Mordor…and walking out with a win, and the Velocity are ripe for getting caught off guard.

    In other words, it’s a trap game. There’s absolutely no way Coach T’Pau will allow his team to make the same mistake the Mordor Crows did.

    And I’ve heard that Catelyn Stark is working on some sort of zone defense scheme to try and beat the SF Power Trio, supposedly calling it “The Man Trap”? Not a chance. James T Kirk may be a playboy off the field, but when it’s game time, he’s all the way engaged.

    • Kirk has in his early years been known to flirt during a play, it has a psychological effect on the other team when he gets the girl, and then the goal. The other side just never sees it coming. I saw an exhibition game where he was playing the Mudders, this was a few years ago, mind. He not only flirted with their cheerleaders “The Mudd’s Women” but was seen in a hotel with at least three after the game. If Cait Stark is fishing, she better be ready to cut bait.

      I don’t know if you have seen this, but the Argo City Renegades have been making a big name for themselves in the Grid Stadium. Coach Tron has had a huge impact on this neophyte team and new Captain Bek is looking phenomenal. Kid works like a mechanic out there on the field tearing up the field like he was doing simple math.

      Over on Herschel Field, the Atlanta Walkers figuratively ate the opposition in a game against the home team. One of the defenders complained loudly on the field that their goalie Carl was not in the house. Not sure where the kid was, but he wasn’t defending his goal or his teammates. Hopefully the survivors of that game can get back together as a cohesive team with the announcement of a new player signed as Big Man for next season.

      And a huge scandal for FSL hopeful team Equestria Wonderbolts when it turned out they had been dosing with a dangerous new herbal called “magical zap apples.” Commissioner Potato-Head of the Hasbro League was boiling with anger and suspended the team pending a botanical and thaumaturgical evaluation. Granny Smith, implicated in the manufacture of the new substance was unable to hear questions due to her hearing aids needing batteries.

      Finally, Hasbro League mainstays the Weebles were crushed by the Plainswalkers this week. Plainswalker fans noted that it was like shooting a barrel of monkeys, and said that aged team played like toddlers. Just embarrassing. The Plainswalkers are of course the expansion team that were known for controversial use of necromancy and a zone defense strategy called Circles of Protection. They will be playing their home city rivals the Wizards of the Coast in their new Essential stadium.

      Thanks to Tom and Justin for the shout out last episode. I’ll keep the minor league reports coming.

      • Spike, you bring up a great point about that Mudders game. Mudd’s Women got the best of ol’ Tiberius. Thank goodness Hikaru Sulu was able to resist their charms keep San Fran in that game or it would’ve been a blowout. Oh, my….

        Just a quick update from the International Anime League, the ZAFT Coordinators are 4-2 this season in their first year in the newly renovated Cosmic Era Stadium with its giant HD TV Screen. Lacus Clyne is really putting those popstar dollars to work for her boy, Kira Yamato, this year, and it’s really showing off.

        The Saiyans of Dragon Road suffer their first defeat of the season, going down to the Section 9 Ghosts. Motoko Kusanagi went for the hat trick in the 4-1 victory, with Yamcha coming off the faaaar end of the bench to score the only goal for Dragon Road during “garbage time”.
        Goku was placed on the DL due to tests showing that the heart virus that kept him out for an entire season back in 2009 and nearly forced him into retirement may be flaring up again. Something to keep an eye on for that one as Vegeta has been in a major slump and they need a goal scorer to compliment Piccolo’s shutdown defense.

        Oh, and the Sailor Stars are having a celebration of the 20th Anniversary of their Anime League Championship, culminating with them being the first anime team to make it to the FSL 20 years ago. The ladies will all be in their best for the ceremony this Sunday at Moon Prism Stadium as they take on the 2-3 upstart team of Naruto Uzamaki and the Kono Hidden Leafs.

        Thanks for the shoutout, Tom. BTW, you’re all invited to the tailgate at Amonak for the next Velocity Home game. I just might break out the Saurian Brandy, if they pull out the win…;)

  2. Justin- didn’t you learn anything last year? You dropped the “S” word last year and found yourself in a heap of trouble- and that was just picked up on the mic when you though you were off the year. This season you think it’s OK to drop the “S” bomb ON THE AIR?!? And seemingly on purpose? The balls!

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