COMPLETE FSL Tonight 2012 Week 6: Nightmare’s end?

THE LAST UPLOAD GOT CUT OFF FOR THE LAST FEW MINUTES, SO HERE’S THE WHOLE SHOW. Did Lannisport just walk in, or over Mordor and how the Empire may have ended all hope?

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8 thoughts on “COMPLETE FSL Tonight 2012 Week 6: Nightmare’s end?

  1. It’s really been a shame about the Winterfell DireWolves, they had a lot of promise at the beginning of the season, but at this point, even if they could pull out of their depression, I just don’t feel a connection with any of the players anymore. I hate to say it, but I don’t think think they’ll be missed next season.

    At this point I’m really pulling for Rivendell. They’ve had a rough season so far, and you get the impression their team is falling apart at the seams as well, but I think if any team can pull themselves out of a tight spot, Rivendell has cohesion to do so. But maybe that’s just my bias fanboy talking.

  2. I’m nervous about the fate of the Fireflys. We haven’t been talking relagation for them, but I think that’s only because we’re pre-disposed to think they’ll be around. They’re playing as well as ever and just falling short and I fear that they’ll just fade out. The team provides so much personality to the league, that it would be a shame if that happens.

    • Dan, you and I both see it coming. They had one good season, really made a splash. I am a fan through and through, but they’re going to be cancelled. Maybe they’ll have a good run and miss relegation, but somebody else will have to really fail the rest of the season. Who would that be? Mordor? If Balrog returns there’s no chance for the Browncoats.

  3. I’m not so sure that the ban on Gandalf and Balrog will stand. The altercation wasn’t during a game, or during training, and wasn’t near an FSL venue. I thingk the FSL is trying to reach beyond their jurisdiction. The local authorities let them both go without being charged, and the destruction of property complaint was only directed toward Balrog. As an aside, I would say that the Balrog need only sit on a barstool to cause property damage, but that would be speceist of me.

    Based on these facts I would say that one or both will be playing again in the next couple weeks. Gandalf for sure.

    Also I bet Sansa and Arya have gone off to meet Frodo and Sam in some tropical location.

    • I shudder to think at how two adults and two barely teenage girls might dishonor their father and their names. I Also shudder to think that the Velocity could fall so far from their current heights. And yet, last year we were thinking that they were the logical choice for the finals, see how that ended…

      As for The Balrog /Gandalf issue. If you had seen the tapes of the incident, I don’t think you would be expecting either one to return this season. It would have to be a wizard of a superior order who would be able to pull himself out and make amends with the League. Balrog on the other hand might be too proud to bend to the will of the commissioner. I just don’t see him returning. In fact, this may be the final battle for the Crows. Send in the Eagles, Has Anyone seen Smeagol?

      In other news, In the minors, the New York Avengers have thoroughly trashed the Gotham City Knights in a 8-2 game that saw the Knights’ Starting big man sitting on the bench due to injury at the beginning of the game, get called in and score a point, be benched by coach Nolan during most of the second period and then head in during the final five minutes and pull off a hail mary Bomb to soothe the team’s ego. To top it off, both Coach Nolan and Big Man Wayne announced their retirement at the press conference following the end of the match. Sources state that Wayne is now receiving treatment for an unidentified form of cancer and is in Europe convalescing with a young nurse who fits the description of a local jewel thief.

      Coach Fury of the Avengers stated that he was very pleased with his team, and that they were excited to see what the future holds for the team. Team Captain Rogers was very complimentary when speaking of the visiting Knights, despite the giant holes in their lines and lack of direction on the field. Avengers Big Man Bruce “Hulk” Banner, on the other hand described the Knights effort in an interview as “Puny.”

      • Too bad about the Knights. I was going to catch that one simulcast at my local theater but they were sold out.

        Did see the Barsoom Jeddaks whip up on the Pandora Na’vi at the Hometree though. Such a treat to see to raw, bare-nuckle teams go at it. The highlight of the game was when Carter stuffed one right down the Toruk’s throat. Two great teams from the Barbarian League. Can’t wait to see The Titans vs. the 300 later this season.

    • I don’t think that they’ll be able to skirt a ban on these two players. The league already has some egg on its face from last year’s debacle with the Jaynes (I still think it’s unacceptable that the league didn’t vacate their championship), so even though the altercation was off the field, it’s in the best interest of the league to address this issue. And they better be smart about it- if they leave any grey area for these guys to skirt the rules, you better believe they’ll make it happen.

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