FSL Tonight 2012 Week 7: Turning the tide

Rivendell mounts more than just a comeback and Vulcan’s almost playing with the hint of emotion. Playoff fever has officially begun my friends!

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7 thoughts on “FSL Tonight 2012 Week 7: Turning the tide

  1. Hey, guys. Thanks for the shout-out.

    Just one quick thing about Vulcan. This isn’t last year, you guys. It’s a whole new dynamic on the Velocity this year. Spock, begrudgingly, has realized that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, and there is no “I” in team. I truly believe that the Velocity are going deep into the playoffs this year. Short of injury, the team is solid as a rock and they’ve got depth going generations, from the A level, all the way down to the E.

  2. I’m not a Crows supporter, but I’m also definitely NOT a Rivendell supporter (methinks Gandalf has been smoking a little too much leaf lately; Gandalf the White? Next he’ll proclaim himself leader of a Council of fellows!); Direwolves forever! Moving the game to Helms Deep may have been the right decision, considering the rivalry between the two teams and the possibility for violence, but you can’t ignore the fact the “neutral” ground was closer to Homely House than it was to Mordor.

    Here’s what I’ll expect the League to do. Any follow up game or one-off “battle” will need to be played at a location closer to Mordor, probably somewhere like Pelennor Fields.

    Bran for League Chief!

  3. Look, I get it. I do not own a Fire Whip. I can not buy a Fire Whip. If one guy has a Fire Whip, it’s illegal here in Autobot City, and the authorities are going to prosecute. I get that. I don’t know that Gt Dubs has truly changed. The Fellowship is a mediocre team without him. He’s a Wizard on the field. Anybody would be a contender for the championship with Gandalf.

    The Sandworms are just a disappointment. It’s sad because they have a great team. In my opinion, the Sandworms need to look into that place where many fear to go. The Sleeper must awaken, or they will be joining the Crows in the basement.

    No news in the Hasbro League this week due to a organization wide bye week.

  4. Gandalf the “White?” Could we be more pretentious? I am usually a fan of the Fellowship, but I am not a big fan of prima donnas. Keep your Lebron-ness out of the FSL, Gandalf. FSL Championships are won by teams, not individuals, Gandalf.

  5. Well I’m comfortable predicting next week’s games. Winners in week 8: 1.Vulcan rolls over the Flys (and it hurts to write that), leaving the Flys in the basement, as 2. Mordor wins their last game of the year over Coruscant. 3. Winterfell will succumb to the Sandworms in Winterfell as 4. Lannisport loses a tight game to the “new look” Rivendell Gandalfs. I mean Fellowship.
    That’s my predictions and I’m sticking to them. No wagering though.

    I hate to see Serenity Valley go, and I know there’s three weeks left, but looking at the schedule it doesn’t look good—so I’m shelving my fandom for the rest of the season.
    After seeing the Barbarian League game last week I began searching the series of tubes, looking for more interesting leagues to watch. I knew that Babylon 5 were putting together a team for the FSU folks to look at before this current season started, in response to the Fan Elevation thing, so I browsed over to see if they still had a team. Turns out they named themselves the Ambassadors (yeech) and joined the SFTVL, playing against the Deep Space Niners, the System’s Commonwealth Andromedans, and the Farscape Misfits, etc.

    Not as fun to watch as the Barbarian League though. The Cimmerians beat down Barsoom last week in a close one, and Atlantis absolutely killed the 300 in Sparta. Good thing the 300 have so many players on the bench.

  6. And in other sports news:

    –tongues in the press continue to wag about rumors of megastar player Jonathan E coming out of retirement. After the legendary New York-Houston championship game that left him as literally the last player standing, E abruptly retired with no statements made to the press. Just who he’s play for, or even what position he’d play are still a mystery, but many pundits state that if he was going to come out of retirement there’s no doubt that he’d be the highest-paid player in FSL history.

    –The Barbarian League raised no eyebrows today when for the 21st year in a row the Council of Kings gave a unanimous thumbs down to the reinstatement request made by the Gor Tarnsmen. In a press statement issued after the decision, the Voice of the Council remarked “We play a tough ‘old-school’ style of game here in the Barbarian League, and our fans appreciate that…but let’s be honest, those guys are an embarrassment.”

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