FSL Tonight 2012 Week 8: Hate me, hate me, relegate me

Lannisport pays it’s debt to Rivendell. Is it paid up? Also who just assured themselves relegation and who may join them?

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3 thoughts on “FSL Tonight 2012 Week 8: Hate me, hate me, relegate me

  1. Whoa! As a fan of Velocity, I have no idea what to say about Spock going off the handle like that. Wow. No excuse. NONE. The only thing I can think is that James Kirk said something to him that caused him to explode in the lockerroom like that one time at the Omnicron Invitational when there was a near-team mutiny within the SF Federation.

    Now, I understand this isn’t a choir boys’ league, but Commissioner Lee has to do something. It’s getting out of hand. I’m not expecting something unrealistic, like a league full of Jean-Luc Picards and Ben Kenobi’s, but you know…whether they want to be or not, these guys are role models.

  2. I’m not real sure Commissioner Lee will be back next season, with the decisions he’s been making lately. He’ll let Spock’s little indiscretion pass I’m sure. I’m not so sure Kirk would get a pass if he started screaming into microphones but Spock seems to have an aura of protection about his person.

    Alas my Fireflys. They’ll lose next week and I’ll have to endure more jibes from my orc coworkers. Orcs are so obnoxious when the Crows win, but even when they’re in next-to-last place they’ll sound like they’re going to conquer the globe when they win next week.

    With the season I’ve had as a fan, I’m ready to talk about elevation. I’m not going to mention any teams, I just want to see a good representative field this year for the fans to vote on. I know that the FSL will choose it’s elevated team based on potential ticket sales and media buzz.

    • Speaking of Orcs, how is the Azeroth league doing? I heard they recently had a big shake up amongst the commission and owners. Seemed like some sort of Cataclysmic event, and talk of adding an expansion team?

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