13 thoughts on “Who’s playing next year?

  1. I voted Gallifrey Time Lords.

    Were they specifically called out as an option? No, but this is a team that will always materialize, seemingly out of nowhere, when it really matters and the league needs them. This is a team with history, having played since the beginning of time, and have defeated such greats as the Great Vampires, the Racnoss, the Nestene, etc. Sure, Gallifrey has been out of the league for years now but the team has regenerated and is looking great with players capable of bringing an unrivalled combination of whimsy, epic grandeur, sense of adventure and fun back into the game.

    Time Lords FTW.

  2. I’m pulling for the Galactica Vipers. This is a team who has proven that they can not be beaten. After the horrible upset this past season by their long time rivals, the Cylon Centurions (who have now been rechristened the Cylon Seven due to their complete team revamp) a game so brutal that Caprica Stadium was destroyed and declared condemned by Coach Adama, The Galactica Vipers have taken to the stars looking for a suitable home field. But in the mean time, they’ve actually built a FLYING Home Field! Seriously, what other team in contention has over come these kind of odds?

    • It is not surprising to me that the Cylons have yet to make it to the big league. They say they have a plan, but after the last 2 seasons, it seems like they have no clue what they are doing. They seem so concerned with getting their best starting line up, the so called “Final 5” that the current team lacks cohesion.

  3. I can’t see a list of teams no matter which of these dad gum browsers I use. Is it bucked up? Hoping to vote for my sister and her fellow fillies, but I can’t figure if they’re even on the list yet. I think somepony needs to look at the poll, eeyup.

  4. Voting one more time for the Saiyans of Dragon Road.

    The League needs some international flavor. Also, Goku does speak english in interviews when he talks to the press.

  5. I’m sorely tempted to vote for the same team I voted for last year which is of course the Ponyville Fillies, but they’re a longshot at best…so I’m looking at a few of the teams in the Barbarian League:

    The Barsoom Jeddaks are at the top of my list this year. Giving up only one game to the Titans early in the season. Will the surprisingly good docu-drama about them that was recently released help or hinder their chances?

    The Cimmeria Barbarians are a league mainstay, taking home the Robert E. Howard Cup on no less then 11 occasions. A lot of people say that their playstyle is ‘old fashioned’ and ‘out of touch with the modern game’ but there’s no school like the old school, sez I…

    The Sparta 300 may be one of the newest teams in the league, but they’ve earned their spurs. There are the usual accusations of doping and roster-packing, but like the hosts of ‘FSL tonight’ said, you have to know who you’re playing against…

    Who’s getting my vote? I don’t know yet!

  6. Well I voted for the Barsoom Jeddaks, and I hope SurfPenguin does too, so at least they’ll get seconded. The game I saw earlier in the year was just brutal and fantastic, and aside from the Cimmerians they are the Barbarian League’s Most Wanted this year.

    I was toying with the idea of voting for the Universal Monster Squad, but that would have been a wasted vote I fear. Wolfman had a great year, as did Gillman, but The Mummy just fell apart in their second game against the Lost Boys. Dracula can only play night games, which is OK in the Horror Leagues, but it would be problematic for FSL schedule makers

  7. What about the Arkham Old Ones? They’ve been languishing in the minors so long, they’re fans have begun to think some of the team members are asleep. But don’t be fooled, Cthulhu, Azathoth, and Nyarlathotep pack a powerful punch and are ready to rain destruction and doom on the likes of Lannisport and Mordor.

    Plus, just imagine the fun of hearing Justin try to pronounce the players names.

    Cthulhu fhtagn!

  8. Something has occurred to me: The NY Avengers are an odds on favorite to be playing in the FSL next season. But seeing as commissioner Lee had a hand in the founding of that team wouldn’t there be a pretty serious conflict of interest?

    • Commissioner Lee has been highly erratic and blatantly showing favoritism for years now. I could even see the Gotham Knights and Metropolis Reporters blackballed just because they’re from a league that used to be one of Lee’s biggest rivals. I’m sure the eventual selection of the three promoted teams will be incredibly arbitrary, just as it was last season, and Tom and Justin will do their best, again, to cover for Lee. Come on guys, let the commissioner fight his own battles, justify his own choices. You don’t need to apologize for him anymore.

      The most telling part of this is that there is no progress available on the poll. We don’t know which teams lead and which are battling it out for our votes. Hmm…isn’t it interesting how that lack of transparency works so well in the commissioner’s favor?

      • I’m sure no hijinks are happening with the poll. They just don’t want any ballot stuffing like last season.

        As Far as the DC teams go, The Knights will probably be well represented in the fan poll, but Commissioner Lee is more sensational than that. I would hope the Titans, or Legion, would be more Lee’s style than the Gotham Knights. More prone to arguing with each other, for better ratings. The Knights are too well known for Lee to waste his SuperVote on them.

        Just Ideas.

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