2 thoughts on “FSL Tonight 2012 Week 9: Live long and GTFO

  1. So long, Serenity Valley. It was a joy knowing you, even for such a short time. I have a feeling that the appreciation and fan base for this team is only going to grow as time goes on. It is heart breaking for their fans to be relegated when we expected them to content for a playoff spot and possibly even the championship.

    Speaking of, I for one think that Lannisport has what it takes to challenge Vulcan for the title. As long as no ringers are introduced, Vulcan will be the favorite on current form, but anything can happen in the post season and I won’t be surprised if any of the 4 playoff teams ends up wearing the ring.

  2. I know it’s very late in the season to be saying this, but I’m hoping that Mordor does something really stupid on the field/court/pitch that gets them banned. Won’t happen, I know, they have a huge fan base and bring in too much money.

    Plus they have a natural rival in Rivendell, and we all know the front office likes to have natural rivals in the FSL. Having said that, this year’s Westeros league pairing didn’t quite pan out as far as fan interest or ticket sales—perhaps that was due to the crazy things that happened at the beginning of the season, mostly in the locker room. I’m sure next week’s game between them will engender a lot of buzz, but not nearly as much as week 1 did.

    Of course last season we had Vulcan and the Raiders both in the League, as well as the Empire and The Rebels, which turned out to be not that big of a deal because of Kenobi’s mismanagement of Luke Skywalker, and of course his season-ending injury. (Another reason Mordor should be banned, BTW)

    What I’m saying is, natural rivalries only look good on paper, or in their own leagues. But the FSL is probably going to try it again next season. Perhaps a new commissioner is the answer?

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