FSL Tonight 2012 Week 10: Lions run amok

It’s all over but the playoffs. Who’s made it, who’s out and who has the best chance to win it all? Don’t forget to vote for elevation!

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5 thoughts on “FSL Tonight 2012 Week 10: Lions run amok

  1. It just dawned on me.

    I know what’s wrong with Spock. I don’t think I’m at liberty to discuss it, but I’ve got some sources close to the Velocity Team that have told me that Spock is dealing with a number of internal issues at the moment.

    This may sound crazy, but I don’t think it’s on Kirk to help his friend. I think it might be someone else.

    If memory serves me, Spock has been with the Velocity for just about six years. I’m a little worried if it might be that particular time in a Vulcan’s life where things need to be done.

    Yeah. Six years. Velocity fans and Vulcans know what I’m talking about without me going into detail here on the site. I don’t think this is on Kirk to handle.

    As uncomfortable as it is for me to say, it might be up to T’Pol. She might have to..step up for the team, if you know what I mean.

  2. OOOHHH. Ok. I just looked it up on Vulcananswers.net. um, nevermind.

    So, This presumptive news about Spock has wreaked havok on my pick for next week, and the final. I was going to pick Vulcan to beat Coruscant, but that was with the raving monster Spock on the field/court/pitch. A calm, serene Spock might mean an altogether different outcome. I mean, I don’t have a Vulcan calendar to refer to—how long is too long for T’Pau to wait? Will she judge that it’s worth it to the team to endanger Spock in this way? I don’t know how to pick this game anymore.

    In light of this I’m picking the other game. I hereby root for the underdogs and pick Arrakis, even though I know they have little chance of winning. They don’t seem to want victory as bad as the Lions do… Arrakis seems to thrive on surviving conflict. Still I’m betting on Desert Power and perhaps some Wierding. Sandworms win, 4-3 in overtime. Oh, and off with Joffrey’s head.

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