FSL Tonight 2012 Semifinals: Pon far enough

It’s all over but the playoffs. Who’s made it, who’s out and who has the best chance to win it all? Don’t forget to vote for elevation!

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7 thoughts on “FSL Tonight 2012 Semifinals: Pon far enough

  1. You know, with all this talk about the conflict between Spock and Kirk, everyone might want to pay close attention to McCoy and his little black bag…

  2. I used to think that Lannisport was just yet another “Flavor Of The Month” Team, just like Serenity Valley. Just another team that comes around that the FSL media jumps on and fades away as quickly as the show up after a couple of years. But I was wrong. They are the real deal. I’m not sure I can pick the Vulcan Velocity for the championship game.

    As far as the Velocity, someone do something about Spock already! As a human who cheers for the Velocity, I think Kirk might have to lead this time if Spock’s mind still isn’t right. I mean, this wouldn’t be the first time Kirk has had to push Spock to his limits to try and talk some sense into him. Velocity fans remember that “spore incident” where the San Francisco Federation nearly pulled off a full-on mutiny on young Tiberius.

    I mean, seriously. Are we gonna have to get the Federation’s Team Counselor Deanna Troi to come out and talk to Spock or something?

    PS: Vote for the Saiyans of Dragon Road! It’s been too long since an Anime League Team got elevated. Let’s play some Dragon Ball!

  3. Okay, I just got done watching the Rivendell/Mordor ‘loser leaves town’ match on PDSN (Pan Dimensional Sports Network) and I got just one thing to say: STAN IS THE MAN!

    Let’s be brutally honest about something. This season has been thrilling everywhere except one place: The playing field! As opposed to all the drama flying around, the games themselves were sorely anticlimactic. Commissioner Lee may have been been around for a long while, but he still understands that when it comes right down to it the league is all about THE GAME and what puts fans in the seats are good matches! Stan The Man took two teams with a natural rivalry, gave them a big prize to play for (i.e. the right to stay in the FSL!) and let them loose on the field. And what did we as viewers get? The best sporting event since the Houston-New York Rollerball championship! Well done commissioner, I can’t wait to see what you have in store for next year!

    Remember to vote for your favorite minor league team in the elevation poll! Go Fillies!

  4. Wow! Gallifrey absolutely crushed it in the semifinals and will just dominate in the finals…
    Wait. Hang on.

    Sorry, wrong timeline.

    Go Velocity!

  5. I pick Vulcan to win it. Spock is a live wire right now, and his seeming dislike of the humans on the team don’t hurt his gameplay that I can tell. I think he’ll hang on to whatever mojo he has until next week. What was that old adage that boxers used to have? No what before a fight? I can’t remember.

    Anyway. I don’t know if Commissioner Lee is a genius or a lucky hack but this week’s extra game was killer. By about halfway through the season I was thinking this would be a good playoff matchup and I’m glad to see it happen, though under these circumstances it seemed bittersweet. The final few minutes were awesome. Glad I wasn’t there in person though, the heat looked unbearable!

    I voted for Barsoom. Go Jeddaks. Off with Joffrey’s head.

    • I totally agree, the Fellowship/Crow game needed to happen, and it was one of the best games we have ever seen in this league.

  6. I can’t believe it… What’s this league going to be without the Crows? They’ve been a looming tower every season and I can’t believe they just crumbled like that. WHO’S GONNA TAKE THEIR PLACE!? That’s why we need to elevate the Zebes Metroids we need a team with a strong central philosophy and Mother Brain has what it takes!

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