PRESS RELEASE: “Relegation good for the FSL,” says Lee.

Commissioner Lee reveals poll stats, defends decision for relegation playoff

Trantor, Galactic Empire, 29 August 2012 /FSLNewswire/ -- While visiting representatives of the Asimov League, Commissioner Lee held a press conference emphasising that his decision to force a third team to be relegated by playoff was the right thing to do.

"More elevation, means a more vibrant FSL," lee told assembled reporters and robots. "The Galactic empire more than anyone knows the importance of a plan, and the scientific guidance of single visionary. I am humbled to play Harry Selden to the FSL's Foundation. we are preserving a better sport for all realities."

To show he is not avoiding trnasparency however, the Commissioner announced he would publish broad percentage numbers of the teams gaining the most votes for elevation in the 2013 season. Results were not being published this season to discourage ballot stuffing.

The league will accept online votes until Thursday eveing, and will hold in-person ablloting in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Earth at Dragon*Con. At a special appearance of Dragon SportsTalk Radio's "FSL Tonight", the winner of the vote will be tallied and announced along with the teams that have earned elevation through performance.

"It's the most exciting elevation moment we've had since the FSL had or will be formed!" declared Commissioner Lee.

The Poll numbers released by the FSL official accounting board are as follows.

Team nominated - (percentage of confirmed valid votes)
New York Avengers (14%)
Gallifrey Time Lords (13%)
Ponyville Fillies (4%)
Dragon Road Saiyans (4%)
Sunnydale Slayers (3%)
Republic City Benders (3%)

About the FSL
The FSLiac Morventium Circus de Qapla Nangwë! or "FSL" for short is the governing body of sport across over 1.2 trillion realities and dimensions. The premiere FSL Championship is contested by 10 teams in the Premiere League. With fiscal year 2012 sales of $444 billion, The FSL employs 2.2 million entities worldwide. The FSL continues to be a leader in sustainability, corporate philanthropy and employment opportunity. Additional information about the FSL can be found by visiting

10 thoughts on “PRESS RELEASE: “Relegation good for the FSL,” says Lee.

  1. This has got to be from the Bizarro League, it can’t be our FSL, right?

    In our reality, the teams who actually play the games and score the goals are the ones who get in the premier league, not the ones that Lee cherry picks, sending perfectly good teams at the legs to in the name of fairness so he can make the faceoff flavor of the month. I’m all for breaking up the “Fantastic” lock on the Great 8, but relegation for the sake of relegation is pointless when there are clearly defined advance and regress protocal already in play. Can we call in some altverse Lee to try and talk some sense into our guy, to preserve whatever integrity this sport has left, or at least have an idea what’s going on?

  2. Seriously, Dragon Road over Seattle Sailor Stars? What’s next, the Neo-Tokyo Angels? Gimme a break, Anime League fans. At this rate you may as well elevate the Osaka Daioh before Seattle. Sheesh.

    At least Vulcan’s bringing a championship home, and I’ve already won my bet on who’s making it to the finals. 10 to 1!

  3. Where was the Ape City Evolution in the standings for elevation? This prejudice against the so-called “lower” primates has got to end. How is it that we cheer for so called “mythical” creatures and aliens but not recognize our own home grown teams? Shame on the league for not respecting terrene diversity. These players have heard the chants of “damn dirty apes” long enough, they deserve a shot at the title.

  4. I fail to recognize some of these teams. That’s to be expected from a sport that extends to so many realities—no one man can know them all. Looks like I’m going to have to spend some time on Wikipedia.

    I’m not surprised to see Barsoom didn’t make it to the list. Nor did any Barbarian League team. The SFTVL not represented either. It makes me sad. Well, Maybe next season.

  5. When -from those nominations- the Gallifrey Time Lords are the team I’m least excited for, well, that says something about the quality of the other teams. Although I’m sure the FSLTonight hosts would need to do research for elemental background information and lower league statistics on some teams, Because they haven’t had a prominent position in the FSL yet. But that’s their job and they probably won’t complain after having assembled some gems and information bits from all across the planet and realities.
    I hope as many as possible vote, because the stakes are high.

  6. Uhhhh. The Avengers.

    Just what we need. Some more New York, East-Coast Bias in sports coverage. I tune in to Dragon Sports Talk to GET AWAY from that!!

    • Let’s face it, if we’re gonna end up with a team from that region, it should probably be the Arkham Assault. I hear Ozzy Cobblepot’s up for Manager of the Year.

    • I still have my doubts about the Avengers being a viable team! Not only is there STILL the conflict of interest between the league and the commish, there’s the bigger issue: When it comes right down to it The Avengers are an all-star team, and big stars mean big egos. They were able to put aside their differences last season, but that was in the superhero league, where teams form and break up with amazing regularity. Can they keep it together for an entire FSL season? Part of me doubts it.
      Go Fillies!

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