Founders to take vote on Commissioner’s status

Mysterious and ancient ones not pleased at unilateral moves.

Below, 30 August 2012 /FSLNewswire/ -- After controversial moves against the FSL champion Canton Jaynes last season and unilateral decisions regarding relegation and consolation games, Commissioner Stan Lee has caught the unwelcome eye of the league Founders.

Waking from their more common death-like sleep, the Founders or some aspect of them, assembled to deliver a statement through a Spokesperson who appeared to the press as a huge pallid gelatinous oval.

Accounts differ on the exact wording but most reporters after recovering from an inexpressible terror, agreed that the message had been that the Foudners were unpleased with Lee's actions and considering replacing him as commissioner.

An unnamed man-eating cloudy mass familiar with the matter told Bloomberg the Founders were just looking for the right replacement, alive or dead, and hoped to have a new Commissioner named before the championship. Many fear Lee may pull another move against the champion team like he did against the Jaynes last season.

"He's addicted to relegation," said the cloudy mass.

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7 thoughts on “Founders to take vote on Commissioner’s status

  1. It seems The Founders have a sense of humor, or at least a mischievous streak. The one being known to strike fear in all human hearts as their spokesthing. That’s rich. Certainly they did that on purpose. Commissioner Lee may have it coming but that was calculating, putting an Avericious Knid on the mike like that.

    Truthfully though Lee has done a lot to benefit the FSL, at least on Earth Prime. It wasn’t that long ago when we knew about as much as this sport as we did about Bocce, or Curling. Now it’s all FSL, all the time around my workplace. Well, my cubicle. I don’t think Jim Cantore could have hyped it more.

  2. The founders? The ones who roamed this sport before all else, the ones who demented the very forms of space and thought, who brought this league together from their own whimsy, locked away beyond the walls of reality and incomprehensible to all who gaze among their forms?

    Ooooh, he’s in trouble!!!

  3. Wow, didn’t expect that, but I welcome it. I wished that misbehaving commissioners of other sports franchises could be replaced as easy as in the FSL. But those have more complicated structures and financing models.
    Mr. Lee has brought many positive things to the sport, but his latest missteps require serious consequences.
    Off the top of my helmet I can’t think of a suitable replacement, but I’ll be happy to discuss the candidates (the media will certainly bring several on the table) with my colleagues and friends.

  4. It’s about time The Founders intervened. I always knew they were just dreaming, waiting for the right time to return. Now of course, we must all be wary. With so many teams and realities, the hopes and desires of all us fans are like ants to them, and to us, they are akin to gods. Let us all hope that they chose to be benevolent with their choice of a new commissioner and not smite us with a nepotism pick. Remember back in the 1930’s when they tapped that Miskatonic University professor? Those were dark days.

    Though I’ve disagreed with Commissioner Lee in the past, he did do great things for the FSL. It may be too late for a (dignified) retirement, but he certainly deserves it.

  5. There are plenty of potential nominees, especially considering The Founders said alive or dead. Gene Roddenberry could be brought back. They may even do something crazy like tag Anime League founder Osamu Tezuka.

    But my money is on the young guy Joss Whedon. New, fresh ideas going forward may be just what the FSL needs in the wake of Commissioner Lee. Though I would not be surprised if they take at a dark horse candidate like Kevin Smith or Veronica Belmont.

  6. This is assuming they go for another Earth-Based human. That is their M.O. in recent years. But they could be looking to the Imperious Leader or even a computer like Dr. Theopolis. Come to think of it a computer might be the best option.

    Most likely though the Founders are thinking about fairness and justice, and not necessarily ticket sales. They are above all that. Perhaps a Guardian could be persuaded to leave Oa for a few years.

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