2013 Schedule announced

The FSL has released the official schedule for 2013, and the amazing Phil meadows is ON IT. Check out this PDF visual representation of the season and print out so you can follow along at home.

2013 Season-at-a-Glance

5 thoughts on “2013 Schedule announced

  1. Is anyone else having problems with the 2013 schedule episode? My iPhone says it can’t play whatever format it’s in. When I try to download it on my work laptop it crashes iTunes. Just wondered if it was just me. Hopefully I can hear it at some point.

    Damn I love this show!

  2. Yeah, but it’s still in the iTunes feed. I had to delete the “episode” so it would stop crashing iTunes by trying to download it.

    • Odd. I was able to replicat iTunes downloading the PDF. Must be because it handles album liner notes that way. Anyway it just opened for me. Didn’t crash anything. Apologies for the trouble.

  3. *Cringe!*
    I hope I didn’t screw it up somehow.
    Let me explain the schematic a bit. Aside from the obvious (rows are teams, columns are weeks) there are other neat things about it. The red boxes indicate home games. The two small boxes are for scores.

    Interesting to note that most teams this year have five home and five away games. But Rivendell enjoys Six home games this year, and San Francisco only four. I think Harry Seldon knew what he was doing here—I’ve seen the trailer for Into Darkness, and I bet S.F. Will be undergoing a major disaster recovery at that point in the spacetime continuum

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