FSL Tonight 2013 Week 4: I am the master

After surviving their first meeting with the mountain last Week, Gandalf comes back to lead Rivendell to victory and Vader outdoes the Doctor.

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5 thoughts on “FSL Tonight 2013 Week 4: I am the master

  1. I know you guys would like Hari Seldon to intercede in New York’s shenanigans, but let’s be honest — what can he even do until the next time the Time Vault opens? Unless this becomes a crisis, it’s up to the fans to make their voices heard.

  2. Good point. But will Fury listen to the fans? He doesn’t even seem to pay attention to what the front office wants sometimes.

  3. At the top of the show, you guys mentioned the standings. Tom, Justin, how do you guys feel about parity in the league? Is it good for competition, or does it indicate a diluted product because the talent pool is spread so far out?

    And I said last year, the Avengers would end up being a flash in the pan. A one-season wonder. I mean, I get that Commissioner Seldon wanted a big-market team, and I’m sure it’s generated great ratings and revenue for the league, but this exactly what I was saying was gonna happen! Inter-team drama, roster changes. People from the Xavier Institute being called up when they’re not ready, and we haven’t even gotten that Natalia Romanova photo shoot!

    As a fan of the Federation, I give all credit to Arakis. They bought their A game. Jean-Luc’s gotta get them to regroup. Maybe Miles O’Brien’s ready to come off of injured reserve from that bad shoulder, I don’t know…
    All I know is that the line must be drawn here. This far and no further.

  4. I am so angry at Justin and Tom about this Beyonder thing. Captain Rogers published a statement about the contract dispute involving this “Secret War” tournament. The players were contractually Forced to complete this tournament and the agreement was made well before they were raised to the FSL. The lawyers had been battling this out for the last six months and were unable to stop the Beyonder from for all intents and purposes amounted to whisking the team away in the middle of the night to play in these “Secret Wars” tourneys. Everyone in New York already knew this! Augh.

    As for the Coruscant team, I’m predicting a radical shift in week six. I have this weird hunch that Skywalker is wavering. During practice he has been distant and unfocused since the last game. I don’t know what was said on the field, but I think Bifur and Bomber got to him.

    I’ve been pretty quiet this season due to the major restructuring in the Hasbro League. Cybertron had a players strike in the off season and it turned into a civil war in the locker room. I’m not sure if there will be a Cybertron team this year at all. It also looks like Equestria is changing their entire strategy in front of house and the ponies look like school girls out there right now.

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