FSL Tonight 2013 Week 5: Spock subversion

The Velocity implode but is Spock jumping ship? Should Coruscant fans find their faith in this team disturbing? Data plays out of his head for San Francisco.

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4 thoughts on “FSL Tonight 2013 Week 5: Spock subversion

  1. Yeah, I admit it. I’m trying my best to be a good fan, but I gotta rub it in Gallifrey’s face a little bit. I’ve been backing the Federation all season and I’m taking pleasure in this win. San Francisco isn’t a media favorite. They’re not a sexy team. They don’t have a fanbase like the Time Lords that thinks they have to interject The Doctor into every damn conversation. But today, The Feds showed that they are a legit contender. They are a complete team with a guy that’s gonna breakout in Data. I see you, Data.

    Also, the trade deadline looms. Gonna throw one out there.
    Isn’t Palpatine ready to deal Vader? I mean, with his talent, and his ability to run the offense and work on both sides of the ball, what’s stopping Anakin from taking the team over as Player-Coach?

    And I haven’t gone through the 4096 Teams in the Invitational, but I’m always looking for an excuse to campaign to get the Goku & the Dragons of Saiyan Road some publicity. Looks like I’m back to Anime League Business!

  2. I tell you what…Looking at this Avengers conglomerate—I will not call them a team at this point— it seems to me that the commissioner will have to step in and call them on this week-in-week-out substitution thing. If it was WORKING I’d call it a scandal.

    I know the FSL honors its teams’ own leagues’ personnel regulations. But how deep a roster can one team have? To me this isn’t just a disservice to the fans in NY who want to see Big Green and Winghead on the field/court/pitch. It’s going to screw with the FSL rules regarding the trade deadline. Seldon needs to look really hard at the Avengers after the deadline, to make sure they don’t play anybody not already on the roster. Nick Fury is treading on very dangerous ground here. He could get his whole team kicked out.

  3. Been watching the Invitational tourney—not whole games, just flipping through to get the vibe.
    It’s interesting what kinds of matchups are being churned out by the Math guys. I saw quite a few teams that I’d never heard of that seem like a great fit for the FSL, like the Defenders Of The Earth. No idea where/when they hail from, certainly they can’t call an entire planet their stadium. They had Flash Gordon, the Phantom, Mandrake the Magician and a couple kids on the team. Steve Canyon sitting on the bench. They were playing the Oa Guardians really tough though.

    And then there was the Legoland Minifigs vs the Smurfs. Or so the scoreboard said, I couldn’t see any players.

  4. After sifting through all 4096 Teams in the Invitational here are the teams I’m hoping have deep tournament runs.

    The Coney Island Warriors: Yes there already is a New York Team, but come on a rag tag bunch of guys fighting against all odds to make it home will always pull at my heart strings.

    The Gizmonic Institute Observers: I really think Tom Servo, Crow, and Cambot really have a good chance at bringing it this year. (sadly I’m not sure if robot league teams will be allowed to make the Premier League)

    The BarterTown Thunderdomes: Lead by Max Rockatansky I really like their chances as long as they can find a way to all work together

    The Druidia Schwartz: Featuring Lonestar, Barf, and Yogurt if they can advance past the play in game v/s Spaceball One and some favorable reseeding they have a great chance for a deep tournament run.

    There are many more teams, but these are the ones I see having a great chance to advance past The Tremendous 2044, The Fantastic 511, and even The Tremendous 255

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