FSL Tonight 2013 Week 6: Trade winds blow up Velocity

Scandal engulfs Vulcan as Gallifrey finds a victorious fixed point in time and a blockbuster trade rewrites history in the Eastern Division.

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4 thoughts on “FSL Tonight 2013 Week 6: Trade winds blow up Velocity

  1. makes sense. Kirk, Spock & McCoy to the Federation. There’s going to be some INTERESTING CONVERSATION in San Francisco this week. Hey look Tom, you taught me to spell Francisco right and it STUCK!

    I am backing the Arrakis Sandworms this year, and I’m SO glad they are doing well. The wife has promised that if they’re in first place at the end of the season, I can take her to Rivendell for the Week 10 game. Of course she really just wants to visit the museums and catch a glimpse of Arwen on her balcony…she’s into culture.

    I love me some Barsoom Jeddaks, Justin Robert Young—so lay off. They’ve had some bad marketing lately, is all. A little uniform change and a better logo and they’ll be playing lights-out again, you’ll see.

  2. Yeah, I don’t know. With all these talks about Romulan conspiracies on the Vulcan Velocity, you really need to take a look at some of the wider context… and in particular, does anyone remember the Vulcan-Romulan Divisional nearly 20 years ago? Maybe you haven’t, but that young team was chaired by one Sarek, whose son Spock would weeks later announce he was turning professional.

    I remember that, and I remember that all sorts of reports that Spock was socializing with the Romulan Big Man Pardek. Those rumous never went away, guys.

    Anyway, the Tourney has been going really well. The Sunnydale Razorbacks are looking grand, but they really need to get some talent from outside their pool… maybe England or Los Angeles or something.

    And hey, does anyone know what happened to the fourth Earth Alliance Babylonian squad? They played, what, two hours on the field and randomly disappeared afterwards. It was so bizarre, and I hope the Earth Alliance can field a fifth team… it seems like with the luck they’ve had, it’s their last, best hope for victory.

    • About the Babylon 5 team, last year they were having problems finding themselves, and wound up with two different teams in the SFTV League. The Bab5 Ambassadors and the Alliance Starfuries. It was a mess. The Bab4 team was way better but, as you say, poof. Maybe the Bab5 teams can mesh again during this tourney. There’s still space/time.

      There are still so many teams in this tournament, I wonder why the Fireflys didn’t sign up? Anybody know? I know the Rebels are playing again, with a new look and a new home stadium. The Mudders didn’t last long, they weren’t a match for the Goon Dock Goonies. Of course, it’s a round-robin tourney so everybody’s always in danger of being dropped.

  3. I am glad North Central Positronics is sponsoring the show, I tell you running a small buisness in MidWorld, the NCP equipment allows me to build lucrative way stations across the country. The sales representative claims they devices like the NCP water pump are so robust they could operate right through the apocalypse. A bit of hyperbole I am sure but I was given a free ticket to travel through the doors as part of the deal. I plan to take the chance to catch a game with the New York Avengers.

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