FSL Tonight 2013 Week 7: Not Lion down

The Lions internal problems can’t slow them down, but the same can’t be said of Rivendell as they fall apart against San Francisco.

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2 thoughts on “FSL Tonight 2013 Week 7: Not Lion down

  1. Republic City is a personal favorite of mine. When you guys see Korra, and when she gets going, it’s almost like she enters a completely different state of mind. If they make it, she will be a superstar and a role model for fans and players, male or female.

  2. I don’t think Spock is being very logical right now. There’s too many variables for this team without Kirk and McCoy there. I’m not sure that the number of combinations can be met on the field/court/pitch to provide Vulcan with a true path to winning against any of their remaining teams. And this Romulan thing isn’t a rumor. They’ve got a long history—the Velocity and the Warbirds were once the same team. It’s too late for the Velocity, as their season drags on and they get more and more desperate (for lack of a better term) they will find themselves edging ever closer to doom. Mark my words: Vulcan is due for an explosion. I only hope Spock can get out in time, and play again in the FSL.

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