FSL Tonight 2013 Week 8: Don’t bet on Bilbo

Was Tom wrong to bet against Lannisport? And The Federation clinch as they stay on target and blow up the Empire.

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3 thoughts on “FSL Tonight 2013 Week 8: Don’t bet on Bilbo

  1. Yes, Justin Robert Young, there is a more satisfying team to beat than Coruscant. That team is the Lannisport Lions. Joffrey by himself is reason to detest the slimy, scheming Lannisport Lions. Everybody likes locker room drama. But must I remind you that the Lions effectively killed their rival Direwolves last season by stealing and “beheading” their captain and best player. Not technically illegal BUT IT SHOULD BE.

    The Mordor Crows were pretty fun to hate, but there was rarely an opportunity to feel the joy of beating them. Now, if the Rebels were to come back next year (vote for Yavin, hint-hint) then, as an hopeful rebels fan, perhaps beating the Empire would become fun again.

    Yes, Arrakis was due for a bad game, a course correction to snap them out of their high-flying arrogance. Problem is, that should have happened sooner—looking at the historical data, teams on a roll usually have their sobering loss rather early in the season, week three or four. I hate to say this, but I think the Sandworms may have peaked too soon. I doubt they’ll win next week against the lions, and it really burns me to say that. Hopefully they’ll get it in gear and come up with some surprises for the wiley Lannisters. If they don’t win next week they will have no momentum to ride into the playoffs.

  2. Yes, I admit it. As a dyed-in-the-wool Federation Fan, anytime we take on Coruscant and take em to school, it does feel good. The vibe in the crowd is almost like a playoff game, and when we take down the Empies, it’s sweeter than an appletini on Risa.

    And go Crystal Tokyo Sailors!

  3. The team that has always been satisfying for me to hear losing is Velocity. Anytime I hear their whole logical bull pucky it makes me want to kick the crud outta them.

    Also my team for elevation this year is the UNSC Spartans. They have been 4 time champions in their league and deserves to have their time in the big leagues.

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