Vote in the 2014 Elevation Poll

Who should be elevated to play in the FSL in 2014 whether they make it out of the elevation tournament or not? You decide?

Commissioner Selden foresaw a need to continue Commissioner Lee’s practice of asking the fans to decide one team for elevation.

You can find the official voting form here.

11 thoughts on “Vote in the 2014 Elevation Poll

    • I think it’s the Kaiju Darryl. I’m tempted to vote for them.
      Some others I’m thinking about:
      the Galacitca Vipers
      the Galaxy Rangers
      the United Planets Legionnaires
      and the Sunshine Cab Company’s Taxi Drivers (or Cabbies for short)

  1. I tried to put the Galifry Time Lords in Google Now, but it says it doesn’t exist.
    What’s up with that?? (Seinfeld voice)

    • If you would have asked me 20 years ago I would have been on board with elevating them to the FSL but I’m not so sure now. They practically have a new roster every season and you have no idea what kind of talent they are going to bring. Are we going to see fantastic talent like Jason Lee Scott and Tommy Oliver or are we going to get stuck with “Turbo” era dregs? If Zordon can show his picks for the team are at the FSL level (maybe bring back the team from the “Forever Red” exhibition game) they would get my vote.

    • I’m sorry, but no thanks. Everyone knows that the Angel Grove copped their playstyle from one of the greatest teams in the sport, the Tokyo Super Sentai, who have dominated the Japanese Tokusatsu League for the better part of 40 years…

  2. I still am rooting for the Coney Island Warriors, they have came out to play this season in the NY League. Some amazing victories and all of them while not on their home turf!

  3. Hey, did the Warriors ever play the Sunshine Cabbies? The NY League and the NCYL share territory. Perhaps not the same spacetime though

  4. While I don’t think that Kal-El can push the JLA into the final round I think that the Krypton Councillors may have a shot Jor-El made a big showing this year, and I think if he and Dru-Zod can put aside the problems in their off-field relationship they could field a team that would be simply world-shattering.

  5. Who needs to be brought up to the big leagues next season? You know I’m gonna say it, and you know it’s true, so Let’s all say it together:


  6. Come on people, The “Pacific Mega League” deserves a representation on the FSL, any of this teams will rock and sock anyone currently on the majors.

    The Tokio ” Atomic Monsters”
    Angel Rove’s “Rangers” and it’s archrivals The “Super Sentais”
    Rapa Nui’s “Colossus”
    Pan Pacific Defense Corps “Jaegers ”
    San Francisco “Giants”
    R’lyeh’s “Elder Ones”
    Macross “Varitechs”
    and of course the Voltron’s “Steel Lions”

    Let’s make this happen

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