FSL Tonight 2013 Week 9: Things fall apart

A horrible injury leaves Lannisport leadership with questions, Gallifrey deals with fallout from racist comments, and even Picard’s taunting the Avengers.

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6 thoughts on “FSL Tonight 2013 Week 9: Things fall apart

  1. Heard a rumor in the signal that GFL commissioner Rob Froese has been seen talking with a Seldon holo on multiple occasions. Sure, Froese has a degree in psychohistory from Trantor U, and he could be reviewing old course material, but my guess is that it goes back to the persistent rumors that Froese wants to take some All-Stars, who maybe can’t handle the constant punishment of Gridiron anymore, and field them in the FSL, maybe with (2xGFLC) Don Pine at captain.

  2. Hey, Tom & Justin

    What’s this rumor about the Washington Walkers moving to Atlanta?

    And it’s Say-anns. Like..”I’m just sayin'”, guys.

    • The Walkers used to play in Atlanta but the city basically drove them out. They were playing in Woodbury for awhile, sort of a Foxboro situation like the Patriots have. In fact I believe they even played a season as the “Georgia Biters” but they’ve been in Washington for awhile now.

      SAY-ANNEs got it.

  3. And I know that I’m the designated Overcommenter. But I just thought of something else to say.

    I know I’m not the only Ankh-Morpork Watch fan on this board. Where are you guys? C’mon, gimme an “OOK!”

  4. About time The Foundation gets promoted. Between their record and the psychohistory “predetermination”, the math just works. Commissioner Seldon can be nothing but more objective; since they’re his team he’ll have to delegate to one of the deputy commissioners and so Trantor should expect closer scrutiny than any team, but hey, to move up to the premiere league? Worth it.

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