FSL Tonight 2013 Semifinals: Prime drive effective

The silence falls on the Kwizats Haderach and the Federation gain true victory by throwing out their most cherished rules.

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4 thoughts on “FSL Tonight 2013 Semifinals: Prime drive effective

  1. I’m almost afraid to see this championship game. 2011 chapion, Jaynestown, kicked out of the League right after they take it all. 2012 champion, Lanister, relegated this year, along with their opponents in the championship game. Now I am looking at the two contenders in the championship this year, and wondering if there is a championship curse. Will we see them fall too?

  2. whoa, I didn’t think players were allowed here. Hey Ms. Noble.

    I don’t understand the lack of respect for the Fives. They’ve come a long way to get to the round-robin. They had to combine the two club teams on the station (The Ambassadors and the Starfuries) to collect that kind of firepower. And they’re one step away. well, two steps. That’s documentary material right there.

    Ponys. You know, nobody will say this. NOBODY WILL SAY THIS. But I will. The Ponys’ business model includes an unwritten law that prevents any non-equine species from playing on that team. That’s institutional racism. Friendship is magic my hoof.

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