FSL Tonight 2013 Championship: Enter the prize

San Francisco and Gallifrey’s epic double overtime battle, plus three new teams join for the 2014 season.

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  1. The hoof abides. Following Princess-Captain Twilight Sparkle’s ascension to the head and face of the team, these little Ponies have been pulled into the 8 teams this year, and their fate rests on her newly minted wings. Was she ready for this? Could she have been better prepared to lead if she knew what was required of her? Even though she was the obvious pick as far as the bench goes, fans are cautious about her taking the spot saying it just wasn’t possible even as Cadence proved otherwise back in the Crystal Leagues, or how the concept of her being field leader changes the team dynamic, but it’s still Twilight Sparkle regardless and her strategy with or without Coach Celestia has proved invaluable, so she’s still the top pick in my book, and add to it that their mane players all have good chemistry with one another, and I’m still gonna expect great things out of them even if it is was or or will be Twilight and her Friends rather than a full committee effort.

  2. Okay, now that the tumult has died down, let’s take a look at the three new teams in a bit of depth, shall we?

    If 2013 taught us anything, it’s that the FSL’s brutal season rewards teams (such as the Federation or the Time Lords) that have legs, and flash-in-the pan franchises (such as the Avengers and Lannisport) struggle. The Exterminators are a Murderer’s Row of monstrous playing talent with a playing history that goes back over half a century. The big problem? For all their power, most Skaro players are a lot slower than the FSL’s mobile playstyle requires them to be. Most teams in this league will blow by them and score before most Skaro players can turn around…

    Of the three elevated tams, this one is the most dangerous. The team’s back office is not above using ‘operatives’ to mess with the heads of opposing players pregame, and isn’t afraid of sending players into suicide plays, knowing that their deep bench will cover them. The 2014 season may be the Federation’s to lose, but the Raiders will be up there near the top of the stack.

    And last but not least..

    Sigh. I’m calling it here and now: Ponyville will play one season and be relegated. Am I saying this because I’m a hater? No: who was the first person that suggested that Ponyville join the league? Oh yeah, that was me. Is it because that in FSL history NO team from an animated league has lasted more than one season in the Elite Eight (anyone remember the Urkan Invaders?) No. Is it because magic-using teams struggle in the FSL’s current format? No. The Fillies will be kicked back down to the minors after one season simply because the league DOES NOT WANT THEM HERE. The Commish openly declared the fan vote for their elevation ‘a gravitational well of stupidity’, the hosts of the league’s most popular show can’t be bothered to know the player’s names despite their popularity, and the one person who does follow the team declares calling their games to be something he does because he has no choice. Expect Ponyville’s schedule to be brutal, ref calls not to go their way as a matter of course, and if they’re running .500 by the halfway point it’ll be a miracle.

    • I don’t think so. The Fillies have a camaraderie about them that puts them into the spotlight inside and out of the FSL, and even some of the established teams can’t really say that, and are ready to tear themselves apart. Avengers simply cannot assemble a lineup on a week to week basis, Lannisport is about ready to be written off at this point as too damn depressing to follow, and even the infallible Mordor Crows self destruct once you break up their inner circles. So long as the fillyship stays strong in the face of Discord and the team sticks to their Elements, I can see them sticking out for a few years more. Are they ready for the league, I dunno, but we’ll have to judge them on their own Merritts.

  3. I had personally hoped for the Republic City benders, but it turned out to be the Fillies. Well, maybe the benders can step up their game in the future to deserve to be in the league.

    For anyone interested in essential and iconic matches, several of them are recorded on Netflix.

    Very essential: matches 1, 2 and 26
    Important background information: 3, 12, 23
    Good to have seen: 10, 11 and 25

    The other matches are (in my opinion) less important to understand the fillies’ style of play. But still interesting. Thanks for your time.

    And I’m still hoping for the Republic City Benders to eventually have the energy to bend their way into the FSL.

  4. Shecky is very happy with the results. There was a boat load of public money on the Time Lords in both the championship game but also in the futures betting. Be on a look out for season 4 future lines some time soon

  5. Shecky is very happy with the results. There was a boat load of public money on the Time Lords in both the championship game but also in the futures betting. Be on a look out for season 4 future lines some time soon

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