FSL Tonight Week 4 – Palpatine Banned for Life

Commissioner Selden bans Palpatine from the FSL and Gallifrey’s “The Doctor” deals with taunts from Vader.

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4 thoughts on “FSL Tonight Week 4 – Palpatine Banned for Life

  1. While, I’m usually on Justin’s side in regards to Ponyville, I said last year that Rainbow Dash is a talented player. In the right scheme, in the right system, and with the right coach, Rainbow Dash would be well on her way to being a star player, maybe an elite player in the league.

    Problem is she’s with Ponyville.

    Uhhh. I still don’t like the Doctor. He’s such a goofball. Even when he was talking back to Vader, I still couldn’t take him seriously.

  2. What is truly embarrassing is the quality of JRY’s commentary this season. It’s like he has a personal axe to grind with Ponyville. Did he date one of the players or something? it is taking all my will to love and tolerate this gentlebeing. How can Dragon Sports not censure him based on his incredible bias? Especially in light of this Coruscant scandal.

    I am hearing rumors that Eric Sadler former CEO of Piron-Sadtech is interested in buying the Empire. Keep an eye on this Continuum of rumors.

    Also, I would like to point out that next week is the old man’s Army vs UNSC game. Go Spartans!

  3. If Palpatine is forced to sell, he’ll sell to someone close. A rival to be sure, but someone in his own world, someone he can influence. I’d call Jabba du Hutt if I were him. He’s still alive, right?

  4. There is no way that Palpatine ends up giving up control of this team. The most I see happening is he hands over ‘ownership’ to his apprentice Annakin Skywalker and runs things from behind the scenes.

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