FSL Tonight Week 5 – Skaro’s New Look Offense

Skaro’s new acquisition has a lot to say, and Palpatine declared incompetent as Coruscant’s offense comes to life.

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6 thoughts on “FSL Tonight Week 5 – Skaro’s New Look Offense

  1. Arrgghhh. San Fran losing to Gallifrey makes my blood boil. Come on, Jean-Luc! What kind of plays are you and Guinan are drawing up over there?

    Anyway, I’m hearing rumors that Will Riker’s being shopped. He wants to be the franchise player. He wants to be a full-time Captain, and I’m hard-pressed to disagree. Maybe a leader like Will is what could help a team like Arakis find its way…

    And Justin. I’m usually in lock-step with you on Ponville…but Coruscant is in complete disarray. The Fillies might just steal one. They MIGHT. MIGHT. Calm your hooves, bronies. I said MIGHT.

  2. The best Arrakis can get mathematically at this point is a 5-5 record. That’s obviously not going to happen. If they lose next week and Gallifrey wins, they’re already out of the playoffs in week 6. If they lose two games and Ponyville wins two, they’re relegated. They could be relegated as early as Week 7 and still have 3 games left! Justin may consider Ponyville to be an embarrassment, but I think the REAL embarrassment this year is Arrakis. No denying that. This latest iteration must have their own fans just wanting it to be over. Easy win for New York next week.

    Cylon faces Gallifrey in Week 6. Their “plan” doesn’t seem to be working out for them and they really need a new strategy with these final five games. They seemed like a strong team in pre-season (even if some people were saying the team was Cylons “in name only”), but they seem fairly disorganized and need some new leadership on the field. Since they lost to Skaro last week and Gallifrey seems like it’s from the same universe of play as Skaro, the obvious pick is for Gallifrey here.

    Feds at Exterminators? Skaro’s got the better record and seems to be all for upgrading their team with new recruits from the minors, but when faced with an opponent that is almost robotic in their strategy, Picard knows right where to hit them! Gotta go Feds on this one.

    Last game of Week 6 is Coruscant at Ponyville. This is hard to predict since we don’t know what kind of team Coruscant will actually be fielding and under what leadership. Will we see the return of the Jedi? …and what of the rumors of a trade with Gallifrey to bring in a new talent who may have, at first, just seemed like someone in the background? This game is tough to pick on teams with identical records, but I think Ponyville’s losing streak will extend to 3 games and they’ll be shot down in OT.

  3. Guys, I just picked up on a rumor going around that W. Mickey Mouse, who owns (or has interest in) of more than a dozen minor league teams (including some big franchises that have been relegated like The Tortuga Pirates, The Duckberg Nuggets (co-owned with Player/Coach/Owner Scrooge McDuck), and The Andy’s Room Toys) is interested in adding the Empire to his stable.

    Mouse, known to fans as “Steamboat Willie” for his fluid but relentless style of play, was captain of the Orlando Symphonies for several decades racking up multiple All-Star nods, League MVP trophies, and Championship rings in his time as a player. Perhaps aging more gracefully than equally famous conference rival B. Bunny of the Termite Terrace Toons, Mouse has shown himself to be as adept in the Front Office as the Front Line picking up stagnant or declining teams and turning them around. Teams like the New York Avengers, just to name a pertinent example. Now, Mouse is no stranger to having interest in conflicting teams, as recently as 2004 the Tortuga Pirates and the Metroville Incredibles met in the FSL Eastern Conference Championship, and there has never been any sign of impropriety on his part, but the question stands: Is it healthy for one person to control so much of the league, even if his love of the game itself is his only apparent motivator?

    If the rumors are true, should Commissioner Selden block (have blocked?) the sale of the Corusant Empire to Mickey Mouse?

    PS – Has anyone else been following the Princess League (Of which the aforementioned Mr. Mouse owns more than half the teams)? The Arendelle Snow Queens appeared to have the championship down cold earlier in the season, but the may have to let it go after a surprising turn around by The Moors Faeries (not to be confused with The Neverland Fairies). They seemed to be sleeping through the first half of the season, but they finally woke up, and are putting together some beautiful games, mostly on the performance of their bigman, Maleficent, whose “Wall of Thorns” defence shuts down everything but the cries of her critics.

    • I have been forced to watch some of those Princess League games by my kids. It gives me no love for Bronies I’ll tell you what.

      I think, if indeed Steamboat Willie has as you say a financial stake in some of these teams, that Coruscant’s large fanbase will be tempting for him. What would be more beneficent than resurrecting a benighted franchise with a ready-built merchandising inventory. There’s money to be made if he can pull it off.

    • Rumor has it the Comissioner won’t allow the sale to go through. Mouse already has to much power and adding the might of the Coruscant Empire might be too much. Although, if my sources are correct, the sale might go through if Mouse only buys a part of the team and lets Mon Mothma run it on a day-to-day basis. Seems like a good resolution to keep any one owner from having too much power and controlling the league.

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