4 thoughts on “FSL Tonight Week 6 – The Empire Has Fallen

  1. Senators?? HAH! Bunch of muppets that even pony haters would decry as a joke! The Empire will not die! long Live the Empire!

  2. Keep an eye on that Trixie character… She can talk a mean talk, but she’s more performer than she is athlete, and that is going to get her into hot water if she can’t keep her ego off the field. Wouldn’t be surprised if she breaks contract, hits the road and burns out doing private parties and other rent-events. Disappointed, sure, since she has genuine talent and could use the discipline the Fillies have to offer, but surprised… not really.

  3. Alas poor Sandworms. What does an Arrakis fan do when the spice runs out? All I’ve got left in the tank is tears and regret. I haven’t been to a game all season.

    Maybe I’ll jump ship and become a Senators fan.

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