11 thoughts on “FSL Tonight Week 7 – Hooves and Worms

  1. As a Feds fan…I’m done. Blow up the roster. Coach Nechayev needs to call Ben Sisko. Fly down to New Orleans. See if he’s still vacationing on Bajor. It’s time to blow it up. I know the history of championship teams not making the playoffs the year after, but this…unacceptable. Blow it up. They might as well start Reggie Barclay.

    Out of the 4096, I’m still pulling for my teams out of the International Anime Legue. The Luna City Sailors went 14-1 last season in dominant fashion, and the Moonies are riding high on this 20th Anniversary Celebration of their first time being elevated into the FSL. Can’t ignore the resurgence of this Anime League team, guys! The Sailors are back and they’re for real.

    And there’s this young team called the Mitras Titans. I can honestly never seen a team with an attack like the Titans. And there’s this kid named Eren Jaeger that y’all need to keep your eye on. He plays with a fire and a grit the likes of which will remind people of Logan. Yeah. Logan.

    Uhhh. I’m so disgusted by the Feds. Get Edward Jellico outta mothballs! Something!

  2. This season has been one of great surprises and revelations. The Feds tanking, Coruscant’s likewise impending doom as the Empire and subsequent rise as the Senators. Not to mention Ponyville actually being able to go over .500. Here’s hoping that the rest of the season is just as exciting.

    Looking towards the Elevation Tourney, I really like the chances for both the Republic City Benders and the Colorado Springs Gaters. Both teams have shown the talent and determination that are so necessary to succeed in this league. Deep rosters on both teams, with captains Korra (Republic City) and O’Neil (Colorado Springs) leading the way. While both teams are more than capable, I see Colorado Springs’ expirience triumphing over Republic City’s young talent.

    For the future, I see the Colorado Springs Gaters winning (maybe even unexpectedly) the Elevation Tourney. The Republic City Benders win their spot on the FSL’s premier league by the fan vote, counting on their strong and loyal fan base.

  3. The Fillies are having a great season, true, but I’m sorry, JRY has a point — they’ve had a particularly soft schedule. They were the first team to show us just how far the Sandworms had fallen, and one could argue that that game was more about Arrakis losing than the girls winning. Week two against a real team? The Doctor handed them their horseshoes. Yes, they beat Skaro week three, but the Exterminators were still finding their footing against a non-Gallifrey team. Skaro’s entire roster was built to take out the Doctor, and it showed that week against a more diversified squad. Week four saw them fall to the Raiders . . . which shows just how they’re going to do against even a mediocre team that is actually firing on all cylinders. Three weeks ago they had a great showing against the Avengers . . . and they lost. And by the way, why are we even still calling them the Avengers? Coach Xavier’s decision to move their headquarters has severed nearly every tie they had to the original team. Call a spade a spade, and call a reconstituted Westchester X-Men by their correct name.
    Where was I?
    Oh, right, Ponyville.
    So then in week six they just happen to go up against Corsucant in the Empire’s final game as a team. That battle station was not even close to fully-functional, and the Direwolves could have brought in their remaining, diminished roster and still cleaned up that mess. Then this week Ponyville went up against a drained, demoralized San Francisco team who are not only suffering from the championship curse but also coming off a game where they faced an absolutely blisteringly effective Skaro squad in perhaps its best showing to date.
    Player-coach Ms. Sparkle has had an incredibly lucky run of it this year, but fans need to acknowledge that while they’ve played competently, there has also been a large luck factor where the right things have happened at exactly the right time to give them an edge over their competitors.

  4. As much as I’m happy to see my beloved Fillies win, I gotta ask: WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH SAN FRANSISCO? The flailing around we’ve seen from the Feds this season is nothing like their play last year…it’s just shameful.

    As to teams in the elevation tourney? I’ve got money on two teams, both of them longshots to say the very least:

    First of course is the Cimmeria Barbarians who took the Barbarian League’s western division title last night, and are waiting to see who wins the match between the Barsoom Jeddaks and the Lankhmar Rogues in the east to see who they’ll be playing for the championship. Will the Barbs take home the Ed Burroughs Cup for the fifth time?

    The other team? None other than the Tokyo Super Sentai! They’ve got the experience, they’ve got the strength, they have the commitment. I’ve also heard rumors that the Sentai were turned down for membership in the Superhero League, so their schedule is open!

  5. “I am the Master, and you will obey me?” Well look where that got Skaro…

    Anyway, not quite sure who to turn to for the new meat. I’m keeping an eye on the Tokyo Bigshots, Godzilla in particular seems to have a little more weight to throw around. Maybe a showing from The Park Groundkeepers or the Knights of Ooo, or Republic City if I could actually catch a game and their managers would stop playing keep away with the schedule.

    • Oh, and you guys have any thoughts on the rumblings that the fillies might have a new coach come next year? Tabloids say that Q (yeah, that Q, from Q, named Q, same one) might be interested in taking the team under his wing, but I wanted to hear if you guys at DSTR might have to say on it. Not big on rumors, and I really don’t think it would be a good fit to begin with, but that’s why I’m not making the big ones I suppose.

      • The fillies could certainly stand to have some non-equine members. I’m sure their young dragon waterboy would like a shot if his off-field behavior is any indication. Their fans would probably appreciate a team member with opposable thumbs. Also, there are persistent rumors of a connection between Fluttershy and a certain player for the Draconicus Discords — actually, the only player on that team. Hard to call it a team at all, but what else are you going to call a one-player squad that ended up getting a thousand-year ban for malicious horseplay?

  6. My plan is to keep out of the elevation speculation this year, at least until voting time. BUT. Here’s a list of my faves anyway.

    Team Arrow from Starling City (just added some team members, I’m so excited)

    The Outer Planets Rocinantes (very quixotic but they’ve been winning fans over since 2011. Amos Burton is a great Big Man)

    The Third Rock Invaders

    And, of course my Barsoom Jeddaks and Babylon 5 Rangers. That’s where I live, fan-wise.

    • I agree with you, man. The talent that the Starling City Arrows brought in this year has all the makings of a great team. Excited to see what they can do.

      I can also see the Jeddaks going far, but I Republic City has a special place in my heart.

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