10 thoughts on “FSL Tonight Week 8 – A Master-ful Display

  1. As a fan of the Feddies, I got nuthin. At this point…just out of an act of desperation…

    Jonathan Archer. That’s all I got. It’s over.

    I’m going back into coverage for the Anime League offseason moves. #LunaCitySailors

  2. Man, what a season we’ve been having. Ups and downs, twists and turns taking us all the way to the finish line.

    I think we can safely say at this point that the Federation’s chances of staying in this league are slim to none. Relegation is what’s coming for a stale San Francisco led by Picard. I think most of us can agree that the Fillies will be joining them. They’ve had their time in the sun, it’s time to go. As for the final relegation spot, I honestly don’t know. I like everyone’s chances far too much to tell.

    As for the playoffs… Other than saying that I think that the only sure teams are Gallifrey, Skaro and New York, there’s not much else to be said at this point. It ‘s any man’s game now.

    In the elecation tourney… I hear some rumblings about the Barsoom Jeddaks being offered one of the spots on the Comissioner’s invitational. We’ll have to wait and see. Other than that, now that the fan vote has opened, I think both the Cheyenne Mountain Gaters and the Republic City Benders are this year’s for that particular elevation spot. The tourney, in it’s 512k round, has show some interesting teams like the Sterling City Arrows and the Metropolis Leaguers, or even the much-hyped LA Guardians (I caught their most recent games, and let me tell you, their GOOD).

    • Yes, yes, Guardians, woo hoo. Don’t let your kids learn to lip-read or they’ll learn some new words from the Guardians’ bench. I’m sure they have the upper hand in the fan vote, much to my chagrin.

      • As good as they are, still too much raw talent in that team. Give them a few years to develop and we’ll see. While they’ve been popular recently, they haven’t been around long enough to turn into a household name like the Cheyenne Mountain Gaters or the Barsoom Jeddaks. Even younger teams like the Republic City Benders or the Sterling City Arrows have more of a chance of winning the fan vote.

  3. Guardians may be good, but remember that we were saying the exact same thing about the New York Avengers, one and their done, and they are an entirely new team now. Are we going to see that kind of turnover once these fresh faces have outstayed their welcome.

    I really don’t have a horse to back this year since Ponyville is already in the running, (most likely gonna stay that way depending on Skaro @ Arrakis), but I am really liking the Titan Strikers this year. Eren Jeager is a freaking beast on the field, and you can just tell that the whole team is fighting with a fire that is rare this side of the FSL pickups.

    • Jaeger is indeed an absolute beast. If he can make Titan’s upper management finally decide if he’s a fit for the team or not, it would be Like you said: this team would bring a fire to this league that has rarely been seen before.

  4. Ponyville only a B+ level team. Is Justin the Triple H in this analogy and Ponyville is Daniel Bryan? Is Daniel a Brony?

  5. This is going sound odd from a former Arrakis season ticket holder: I hope they get relegated. I’m looking to promote whomever wins the fan vote. Unless it’s the Guardians….Seriously, Los Angeles? Shouldn’t they be based somewhere more…Galactic?

  6. While the Sailors are the biggest draw in the International Anime League now, and the current #1 seed going into the post season…

    If the Strikers make it in, Eren Jaeger will set this league on fire.

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