FSL Tonight Week 9 – Beastly in the East

Any team could make the playoffs and 3 of the four could get relegated in the east! All of this has happened before, but does Cylon’s win mean playoff prophecy?

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9 thoughts on “FSL Tonight Week 9 – Beastly in the East

  1. (out of character: Got to love JRY’s reaction to ‘cutie mark’… You could almost see the facial expression.)

  2. Man, it’s sad to see that the Sandworms are going down. Especially considering the fact that Ponyville still has the chance to not only remain in this league, but to make it to the PLAYOFFS. What a shame to see one of this league’s greatest franchises go.

    As for tge East… Instead of releagating one of their teams and maybe most of the division, how about the commish make the call and let them all stay? The Fillies can be relegated instead.

  3. Also, some interesting teams remaining in the elevation tourney. Besides the usual suspects (like the Benders or the Gaters), lots of talent I’d like to see in the FSL’s premier league. Max Rockatansky is absolutely mad. It would be interesting to see what he’d being to the league.

  4. Not quite sure what to say here except this is a whole lot angles you can spin here. Hopefully this night at the opera next week doesn’t collapse under it’s own weight, but I’d be happy to see the FSL return to simpler times where every freaking game isn’t life or death.

      • Call me a purist or a hipster, Pete, but I have a feeling that a whole lot of teams are trying to build something that they just can’t deliver on. Arrakis at Ponyville is the one game this week there isn’t any heat on, and it’s kind of nice to have these teams just play ball without it being the defining moment of a generation.

  5. This is what it’s all about, everybody.

    When it’s getting close to playoff time and nearly every time is playing games that matter, there’s nothing like the FSL. This is why we tune in and this is why we watch on gameday. GET HYPE!

    The Feds are pulling it together at the right time. And the Ponies…somehow…somehow are still getting wins. But it’s makes for good watching. Parity FTW.

    The International Anime League post-season is under way, and the Sidonia Knights came out of the Tomino Division with the #1 seed at 10-4. In the Shounen Division, the Titan Strikers have the #1 seed overall at 12-2 and will have home field advantage throughout the playoffs, and Eren Jaeger has his eye set on the Tokyo Dome. The Luna City Sailors at 9-5 came out of the hotly contested Shoujo Division, edging out Utena and the Otori Revolution, and they hold the tiebreaker over the Magi, and this is a contract year for their star player Madoka. What she might do is up in the air. Last, in the JAM Division, the Honolulu Dandies came out at 8 and 6. Their Aloha-Oe style offense got them their division title, and that sponsorship from Boobies has paid off in dividends, baby! Dandy, Meow, and QT may be the next “Big Three” in the anime league. We’re two weeks away from Tokyo!

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