4 thoughts on “FSL Tonight Week 10 – Mad Man and Round Robin

  1. Consolation game or not, I still think that three teams fet relegated and three get elevated. It’s been the norm these past few seasons and that’s probably not changing, but who knows? My hopes are that Comissioner Seldon rules that the Fillies go down. Sad to see the Federation and the Sandworms go.

    As to who gets elevated, it’s any one’s game at this point. My money’s on the Republic City Benders and the Luna City Sailors. Both teams have been playing at a level deserving of this league, have the rosters to make it, and their fans are many. I would not be surprised to see one taking the tourney and the other the fan vote. On the off chance of their being a third spot, I want to see what O’Neil and the Cheyenne Mountain Gaters can do in this league. But as with all things in this league, who knows?

  2. I’ve been a fan of the San Francisco Federation my whole life. My mom saw the Original Big 3, Kirk, Bones and Spock during their first championship run way back in the day. She introduced me to the game and when I was in little league, Jean-Luc Picard was my hero.

    But I think the sun has set on San Francisco unfortunately. Maybe after last year, the Feds are a thing of the past. Maybe everyone but me and a few others have moved on. The Deep Space Niners, quality team that they are, never caught on as well as they deserved, and the Voyagers always just seemed so far away from where they need to be, it’s a question if they’ll ever find their way back…


    Anyway, I’m hoping the Luna City Sailors can pull out the win in the elevation poll.

    It’s time.

    • The Niners’ intense rivalry with with the Babylon Fives was the thing that kept either team from really dominating the SFTVL back then. They were so evenly matched. I have always been a Babylon fan, but the Niners always commanded respect, especially with O’brien and Worf on the team.

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