FSL Tonight Week 4 – There Is Another

Did the passing of Luke Skywalker’s old coach make Coruscant more powerful than we can possibly imagine? Ponyville gets corralled but can that excuse Rainbow Dashing off expletives?


4 thoughts on “FSL Tonight Week 4 – There Is Another

    • Rainbow Dash, Phil, is whoever Rainbow wants to be, and I’d like to thank Tom and Justin for broaching the topic with the respect it deserves. (Unlike every other sportstalk joint on Earth, and beyond for that matter. I get that gender is an alien concept to some of the non-sexual FSL demo, but 20 minutes of every hour for a week now is a bit much.) That being said, Rainbow really broke his own leg on this one, talking smack about the uniforms with their tailor in the room, mics on, with the kind of dirty language that Smaug would listen to and say, “That’s a bit much, and there is nothing that comes out of my mouth that cleaner than Brimstone.” Hope this doesn’t turn into anything nasty for Ponyville, or Rainbow Dash doesn’t just completely implode under that massive ego. That would be the worst possible thing right there.

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