4 thoughts on “FSL Tonight Week 6 – Trade Dead Drops

  1. So, if we’re starting to here rumblings about Elevation and Relegation, you guys want to hear about the Beach City Crystal Gems? They have really only formalized in the FSL as a team recently, but have operated out of Delmarva for a while and have a really down to earth way of playing the game that’s been a little lost in the rush for bigger and badder teams. They value technique over strength, sometimes pulling players off the field to try and consolidate and coordinate them into entirely new characters, and in teams where you get one guy leading the pack a lot of the times, that can throw people off their game.

    I’ve been kinda disappointed in the Fillies of late in game, and internal rumblings might be that now that they are playing with real stakes at the multiverse class, that it’s not for them, the charm wore off, and I understand that entirely, but if you want a team that really cooks under pressure, you got to believe that the Crystal Gems will deliver. And if you think they can’t, they always find a way.

  2. Well well, another episode into the season, and another episode where the Guardians are peddled to be the greatest thing since Bantha Steaks. To hear the hosts talk we should have just given them the Roddenberry Cup at the start of the season and saved us all some time.

    In a season where the hosts of the show can’t be bothered to do fact-checking as basic as checking a player’s gender (hint: The team are called ‘The Ponyville Fillies’ for a REASON) or correctly pronounce another player’s last name (it’s Rockatansky, not Rockatansy,) they mysteriously don’t have a problem with rattling off endless facts about a bunch of misfits from La La Land.

    Seriously, how much are the Guardian’s owners paying the hosts of this show to hype this one-game-wonder team?

  3. That Beach City team really has exploded in the last year. That kid Steven is young, but he’s got the talent to really be a franchise player for the future.

    Also, there’s a team that’s been quiet for a long time that is gaining ground, and that’s the Angel Grove Rangers from the Saban Sentai League. They play the game the right way, and they’ve got a great set-up in co-captains in Jason Scott & Tommy Oliver. That team out of Angel Grove is morphing into something special.

    Can I just say that I’ve been saying that Gallifrey is an overrated one-man team for the last few years, and it’s nice to see the luster starting to wear off? I mean, I get it. The Doctors a dynamic player, yes. But he’s so all over the place. And Danny Pink barely gets any playing time, despite the obvious chemistry he has with Clara. I’m glad that the REAL time lords are finally starting to shine through.

    But, once again we HAVE to talk about more from New York off the field than on. There was a story on TMZ (Transdimensional MIlling-Around Zone) that Natasha Romanov & Bruce Banner’s off-again/on-again relationship is currently off. Bruce has been distant and Natasha is apparently having some internal issues, possibly a medical issue off the field. The chemistry with the Avengers right now is completely out of wack, and they may just need to get ready to regroup for next year, or they’re gonna have a civil war on their hands within the organization.

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