One thought on “FSL Tonight All-Star Week

  1. Well, with the all-star week behind us, it’s time to talk about the season so far. Personally, my opinion of the season in general can be summed up in a sound effect. What sound effect, you ask? The sound of waterskis hitting the water as the person wearing them has successfully jumped the shark!

    Over the last few seasons this league has had some great moments: The disintegration of the Vulcan Velocity? Intriguing. The feud between Mordor and Rivendell, culminating in the FSL’s first-ever ‘loser leaves town’ match? Exciting! Seven weeks (so far) of “OMG TEH GAURDIANS ARE TEH GREATEST TEAM EVAR! THEY TOTALLY ARE! Oh, and a few other teams won too, I guess”? not so much…

    Seriously, week after week of seeing a certain team steamroller their opponents (usually outscoring their opponents by a factor of two-to-one) all the while being praised as the greatest thing since the Earth All-Stars took on Ming’s Marauders back in 1934 does NOT make for entertaining games. it’s like the gods have a blatant bias or something.

    Maybe next season will be more balanced and interesting. But like I’ve said in the past we should give the Gaurdians the trophy now and save us all some time, because that’s the way it seems to be going…

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