3 thoughts on “FSL Tonight FINALS – Yub Nub

  1. Hey Guys,

    The season finale has some really bad sound issues. Pops on the mic, a reverb issue at the beginning and varying sound levels.

    Can you check out the track and see if you can reedit it? I can’t finish the episode and I really want to.



  2. Looking at the season in retrospect, I’m frankly amazed that the Ponyville Fillies did so abominably this season, especially after their solid showing as a rookie team last year. Of course, the controversial ‘anti-magic field’ rule, which prevented any magic used by interfering wizards in the stands but had the side effect of cancelling out any magic used by the players on the field, had nothing to do with it. Indeed, I’m sure that those allegations in the Equestrian press about how the rule (which was instated hours before the fillies first game, and rescinded literally minutes before their last game of the season) about how this rule was put in place to get the ONE TEAM that used magic this season relegated are totally unfounded…

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