Lannisport Lions

Stadium: The Rock Arena
General Manager/Player: Tywin Lannister
Player/Coach: Tommen Baratheon
Colors: Gold and Crimson
Theme song: Rains of Castemere
Concessions: Venison Bowl, Beef Trenchers
Marketing slogan: Get paid!

Lannisport Lions LogoCaptain: Tommen Baratheon
Big Main: Gregor Clegane
Offense: Margaery Tyrell
Defense: Loras Tyrell
Utility: Caresei Lannister
(O, D) Varys Spider
(U, D) Tyrion Lannister – Suspended
Injured: Joffrey Baratheon (out for season)

4 thoughts on “Lannisport Lions

  1. This team makes me queasy. They’re not evil as much as they are… greasy. There’s a lot of power there, they are fast on the uptake and are the best in the league at seizing oppurtunities. They aren’t overconfident, except for lil’ Joffrey. Man I hate him.

    Is the league going to allow their cheerleaders at away games? That might cause a stir with any parents of young children at the stadium. A “wardrobe malfunction” for a Lannisport Wench would be “forgetting to disrobe”.

    • I’m pretty sure the cheer coach “Littlefinger” will be coming up for a network appropriate uniform.

  2. “Yes now the rains fall o’er his hall,
    and not a soul to hear!”

    We’ll be singing that in Winterfell this season, and Mordor, and Arrakis, and Serenity Valley, and… you get the picture. Nothing can stop the Lions this season, the team that will do whatever it takes to win. They clawed their way into the FSL and everyone will hear them roar.

    Despite the falling out between the GM and Tyrion Lannister, I’m looking forward to seeing him rejoin the team later on. I was as shocked as anyone to hear he had gone to the Wall to play with the Single A Castle Black Crows, but luckily Tyrion didn’t sign that “life-long” contract everyone talks about. Sure, he doesn’t have the reach of a Robert or even a Gendry, but he can outthink anyone he can’t outplay. I’ve never heard anybody say that about Tommen.

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