Rivendell Fellowship

Stadium: Homely House
Coach: Elrond Eärendil
Colors: Green and Grey
Theme song: Song of the Lonely Mountain
Concessions: Honey cake, mince-pies, cheese, pork pie, buttered scones, porter, ale, coffee
Marketing slogan: Join the journey.

Captain: GandalfRivendell Fellowship
Big Main: Thoren Oakenshield
Offense: Bilbo Baggins
Defense: Legolas Wood
Utility: Bard Bowman
(U) Bofur
(O) Gloin
(D, U) Oin
(BM) Bombur

Reserve – Radogast, Nori, Ori, Killi, Filli, Dori
Bifur, Balin

8 thoughts on “Rivendell Fellowship

  1. I kinda hope Boromir transfers to Winterfell. Would be a good fit and very confusing for the opposing team (IMHO Ned Stark looks like his lost twin).

  2. Hey, they do look familiar. Never noticed that.

    Boromir is my favorite player on this team. He’s got valor, he’s a real fighter. Nothing can bring him down! His brother is pretty good too, but Boromir is the man. Question is, will he swear fealty to the Fellowship, or go his own way?

    Frodo Baggins? Really? Okay he has heart, but he has no experience. We know that size matters not in this sport (aside from the Big Man position that is) but Frodo won’t last a third of the game if they play Mordor. He’ll be leaning on Gamgee the whole game.

    • The amazing teamwork of Baggins and Gamgee in defense and utility is going to be the hidden secret weapon to watch on this team. They almost seem like they have the ability to shoulder each others burden when needed.

    • Size in the Big Man position isn’t always a factor either. Pippin, for example, is able to fill that position. And don’t forget about River Tam last year, replacing Jayne Cobb at that position.

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