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  1. It would be a shame if the league did not recognize the outstanding achievements of the Ape City Evolution. Not only does the team have a long lasting presence within the FSL minors, they also have one of the leagues all time scorers and controversial Hall of Fame player, Caesar. I understand that one cannot sight Caesar’s accomplishments in developing the Evolution without acknowledging that the team was built around a doping scandal. However, cerebral stimulants aside, the team has grown into a powerhouse presence in the minors that not only dominates their planet but also has a generational fan base. With the power house presence of Attar in the big man slot, the shrewd play of Cornelius on defense, aggressive ferocity of Thade on offense, and utility players Zira, Buck, and Maximus , team captain Dr. Zaius has all the tools to rise to the top of the FSL. The chest thumping cheers of Evolution fans will be just what the 2013 season needs!

  2. I got to wonder if the Ōarai Tankers might be some strong contenders for elevation. They might be young, but those girls might be a big surprise for many.

    And of course, the Crystal Tokyo Senshi and the Ponyville Fillies have some strong fan support, not to mention the Metropolis Leaguers…

    • In the end, I got to wonder if it would do the league well to not only elevate, but maybe even add another division…

    • +1 for the Ponyville Filles. Rainbow Dash is an incredible front pony, and no pony can get by Applejack on defense.

  3. I voted for the Coney Island Warriors because They Came Out To Play this year in the lower division, they faced some fierce competition but their wins over the Rascals, Griffs, Bandits, and Furies proved they’re no flash in the pan even when they’re not on their Home Turf!

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  5. This classic team have been out of the mayors for a long time, but i’m sure we are ready for a “Tokio Monsters” comeback, i know you all gonna be like “But what about the 1998 campaing, that was a complete disaster..” but did you expected anything more than a disater if you gave the team to Emmerich?

    Bring back godzilla mothra and king ghidorah back to the FSL

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  7. Watch out for the Hill Valley Slackers! They were big in the late 1980’s, but you’re going to be hearing a lot more of them in the next couple years! They’re doing well in the elevation rounds and leaving other teams like the Cardiff Torchwood and Macross City Robotechs in a pile of manure!

  8. When will the fsl stop its western favoritism and allow one of the far eastern teams into the league. I think the Dragon Road Super Saiyans with its all star line up would just destroy the league. The powerful combo of Goku and Vegeta can not be stopped. Let the Far East play

  9. The Colorado Springs Gaters are ready for the big leagues! O’Neil on point, Big Man Tealc, Daniel Jackson on Defense, ‘aint no better wide reciever than Samantha Carter! Don’t get me started on the bench – that bench is deeeeeep! Jonas Quinn, Bro. Jonas Mutha F#<&in' Quinn! Asgardians, Goa'uld, that one guy from that one thing – the list goes on! This is their time!

  10. I’ve been watching the Dominara Planeswalkers in the last few rounds of the elevation playoffs, and they look pretty good. Coach Urza of Argive has a good head, and the team itself has been dominating in their last few games. Chandra on offense looks like a new woman, and no one gets past the tag team of big man Garruk Wildspeaker and Ajani Goldmane on defense. And Jace Beleren proves just how important the utility position is. I don’t know of another team that pays utility more then any other two players combined, but he shows that he’s worth it game after game.

    Defiantly a team to watch out for.

  11. The Hyrule Triforce have been a very interesting franchise to follow during this long elevation selection process. It’s not really an ensemble team like the current FSL premier contenders, but unfortunately is another team featuring just one star player, a short little dynamo forward named Link. Link’s teammates include a utility player named Zelda that seems to be on the pitch primarily to motivate Link, and Ganondorf on defense, who has an uncanny ability to position Zelda around the playing field in order to set Link up for game winning plays. Since he rarely if ever speaks, Link tends to drive reporters nuts at press conferences, but on the field his “master sword” techniques for scoring goals are impressive.

    Also notable are the styles of team manager Miyamoto and his coaching staff, who have a unique rewards system using little green coins called “rupees” and little red trinkets called “pieces of heart,” awarded generously and frequently to players for every successful little maneuver at each match.

  12. I wonder if it’s too early to start looking forward to the next elevations. The Vale City Huntsmen (RWBY) are a new team in the minors who seem to have made a strong ripple in the league. Yeah, co-captain Ruby Rose is very young, and co-captain Jaune Arc has been accused of almost not even knowing the rules, but both have been strong leaders on the team. Then you have a strong bench with people like Big Man Yang Xiao Long, Utility Lie Ren, and Offense Nora Valkyrie, all of whom are catching other teams by surprise. I think Couch Ozpin’s team can be a strong addition to the big leagues.

  13. There are a lot of great teams out of Tokyo. I’d love to see the Ghosts in the big leagues. Coach Aramaki runs a tight ship, and their captain, Motoko “Major” Kusanagi, is unstoppable on the field, and Batou is amazing as Big Man.

    On the other hand, the Camorr Bastards would be an amazing team to watch. Coach/Captain Lamora has produced some of the most exciting, deceptive, and risky plays I’ve ever seen in the field. Of course, he’s seriously hampered if he’s stuck without Big Man Jean Tannen backing him up, and there’s always weird locker room drama between those two and their utility player Sabitha, but that just makes this team all the more fun to watch.

  14. I realize they’re a team of no-names, but I think the Washington DC Red-Shirts would bring a lot of drama … It has the flexibility to be a different team every week …

  15. It has become glaring apparent the past few seasons that there is a hostile takeover of the FSL in the works orchestrated by the members of the less popular SFSL. This must be halted in it’s tracks and to that end I have put my vote in for the amazing team of the Godrick’s Hollow Phoenixes. Why they have been kept out of the league for so long is a mystery and I loath to cast aspersions on the former and current commissioners but they might be part of the aforementioned takeover conspiracy. With a team as solid as wizened old Coach Dumbledore leading a starting lineup including team captain James Potter, offensive forward Sirius Black, Remus Lupin at defense, and the ever loyal Peter Pettigrew filling in at utility for the, out on maternity leave, Lily Potter. And a deep bench full of star players such as Alaster Moody, Aberforth Dumbledore, the Longbottoms Frank and Alice… I could go on for days. I need people to stand with me and demand they put the “fantasy” back in the Fantasy Sports League! Together we can make a difference.

  16. Personally, I went with somebody from the Machinima League, the Blood Gulch Freelancers. A lot of talent on that team, though there are rumors of some ugly internal strife.

  17. I had to vote for the Lakshmi Singers.
    It was a tough choice. I was really hoping to see the Fringe Division Zeppelins, Raynor’s Raiders or the Moya Leviathans make it next year.

  18. I am confused why I never hear this team mentioned when elevation is discussed: the Cambridge Club 42. They play the game like it’s the meaning of life! You’ll be watching a game and suddenly the action will just explode. It may seem like they sacrifice their players with their style of play, but amazingly, they are able to come back again and again. Their games are always fun to watch …

  19. Gonna be predictable again, and point out the up and coming Vale City Huntsmen. Young Ruby Rose is showing signs that she might become a major player in the league, alongside the rest of her squad, Weiss, Blake and Yang. And then you have some of their veterans, such as CFVY squad, led by the fashionable Coco Adel and backed by the mystery box of Velvet Scarlatina. Coach Ozpin has put together a killer team, and not even Mountain Glenn White Fangs could slow them down.

  20. I’m not sure why no one is talking about the Beach City Gems. Is it because the old guard and the board of directors of the league are a bit long in the tooth and the Gems audience is predominantly young and predominantly female? Is it because the CN League isn’t on their radar? Because it should be. Teams like the Park City Regulars and the Elmore City Gumballs are teams that should at least get some eyes on them for their consistent play.

    But, yeah. I think if the league sends out an olive branch to the Beach City Gems, they might find their numbers across the board get a bit of a bump.

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