San Francisco Federation

Stadium: Presidio Park “The Headquarters”
Coach: Alynna Nechayev
Colors: Gold and Blue
Theme song: The Inner Light
Concessions: Tea, Earl Grey, Hot
Marketing slogan: Go Boldly!

SanFran FederationCaptain: Jean-Luc Picard
Big Main: Worf
Offense: Will Riker
Defense: Data
Utility: Beverly Crusher

(D, U) Wesley Crusher
(U, D) Geordi LaForge
(O, C) Deanna Troi

4 thoughts on “San Francisco Federation

  1. Interesting. I thought their marketing slogan would be “Engage!”. That’s what the fans yell when they point at the goal.

    I’m looking for a new team to root for now that the Fireflys have faded back to the SCTV league. Perhaps I’ll throw in with this bunch. I really like the way Riker slips sideways through holes in the defence. And of course Worf is back where he belongs on this team. I hope Alexander gets to be the water boy, so he can be near his dad at least a little bit.

    Whoa, that just conjured something in my mind….an update to the Mean Joe Green commercial.

  2. Wesley? Wesley Crusher? Why are they letting a kid on the team not even out of academy? This isn’t college ball any more, and that sort of cradle robbing is kind of a surprise from the enlightened Federation team.

  3. After what happened between Lannisport and the Velocity when it comes to doctoring last year fielding Dr. Crusher seems a bit dangerous. Does anyone know what the rules say if she pulled out for a game to put in another player?

    • I think it would have to be another female doctor. Each FSL team preserves its own leagues’ rules unless superceeded by Commissioner Seldon.

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