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10 + Reward Description Writer’s room access. You’ll get first access to recordings of pre and post-show discussions by Justin and Tom about how things are breakign down in the league. May include spoilers. 
Phil Meadows
Simon Etwell
5 + Reward Description You have the right to call yourself Station Co-Manager of Dragon SportsTalk Radio. There will be business cards
Mike Bromberek
Aaron Glimme
August Naranjo
Andrew Barber
James Smith
Skip L. Ives
Brian S Kofford
Christof Sigel
Daniel Daggett
Not Sure
1 + Reward Description Your name will be emblazoned on the website (updated quarterly).
Donovan A Willett
Dan Hamman
Philip D
Jamison Moore
Chris B
Jenny Ebarb
Anya Silverfur
Richard Reed
Oscar Veliz
Kathryn Kling
The Swagger
Stephen Purdy
Matt Skaba
Sean Halloran
Scott Theede
Joey Carlini
Thomas Clark
Zeab Ahmad
Zaphod Dumbledorff Kahn
Kartapurkh Khalsa
Chad Carius
Patrick Delahanty
Justin Buckner
Justin W
Steve Stetler
Ryan Marks
Cory Hartung
David Palomares
Rod E
David Johnson
Drew Robertson
Jason Freshwater
Gary Swinsburg
Robert Melton
Angel Marrero
David Peake
Scott Ryan-Hart
Pete Ahles
Nick Blackwell
Benjamin Simpson
Terry Steiner
Matt Brouwer
Kyle Nishioka
Fabian Künne
Jonathan Harman
Brian Kelley
Chris Bier
Jeffery Anderson
Butch Vail
J.P. Wiegand
Ben Newbold
Sean McClain
Brant Padak
Mike P. Kennedy
Michael Seidl
Mason Moody
Travis Lopez
No Reward Description: (None for No Reward)
The Strays
Jean-Marie Arondel
M. L. Hunt
Justin Owen
Helen Streeton
Nicholas Lipari
Mike Snyder
Cathi Greenwood
Kristinn Gudnason
Alan Mackie
James McNamara
Jan-Erik Saarinen
Pekka Lindevall
Jeremy Clark
James Doyle
Joseph Potthast
Cody Woodard
Bryan Spencer

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