Canton Jaynes

Stadium: Mudder Field
Coach: Higgins
Colors: Tan, Yellow, White
Alternate Nicknam: The Mudders
Theme song: Hero of Canton
Concessions: Mudder’s Milk
Marketing slogan: Give ‘em what for!

Captain: Fess Higgins
Big Main: Jayne Cobb
Offense: Stitch Hessian
Defense: Kessler
Utility: Foreman
(U, C) Haymes
(O, BM) Boggs
(D, U) Barrelfist

20 thoughts on “Canton Jaynes

  1. It was a fluke dump play that got them into the big league where they just have no business being. enjoy it while it lasts

  2. The Jayne’s are a young squad. I don’t think they were ready for big leagues when they were finally called up, but it’s a long season. Expect a few W’s at home, but I don’t think ANYONE expects a Cinderella story this go-round. Firefly’s will be their bane.

  3. I can’t help but finding myself rooting for the Jaynes. Are they going to win the Championship? Not likely. I don’t see them getting relegated though. They’ll squeak by and some other team will have a run of bad luck and get dropped from the League.

    GO CANTON!!!!

  4. Get the Jaynes out of here! They have no business playing at this level. Not even a cheap stunt like changing your name to the “Jaynes” from the Mudders to ride the coat-tails of a more successful team will keep them from being relegated. I’m all for underdogs, but this is ridiculous. Even a team like the Starfleet Academy Red-Shirts would stand a better chance in the Eastern Division than the Jaynes. Stay down in the mud where you belong!

  5. Ok, this team is such a joke. I know they have a loyal following, but I think that Canton would be better off accepting relegation just so they can focus their energy on watching who they think is the star of the Fireflys.

    So, since the Jeynes are basically doomed to relegation (I mean, really, why are they in the league at all?) we should start the conversation now about who will replace them.

    My money is on the Rivendell Fellowship. They have a asset in their veteran defenseman Gandalf (the Grey as he is unfairly called). You know what they say, if you try to get around Gandalf, “You shall not pass!” And I know they recently acquired a few Hobbit members (some people don’t think those little guys can take the punishment for a whole season) but don’t they’re sure to have a few tricks up their sleeves. I mean, sure, you can learn all that there is to know about them in a month,but even after a hundred years, they can still surprise you. Besides, I hear one of them has incredible power. I could be crazy, but this ragtag group may yet be the downfall of even the Crows….well, obviously that will NEVER happen (lol) but they could be second place contender….LISTEN UP COMISH!!! I hear even Sauron has his eye on this team.

    • Okay, let’s discuss who’s replacing the Jaynes. The Fellowship have some epic star talent, but their bench is weak: Take the frontline superstars out with injuries and what’ve you got? Hobbits? I’m sorry but against power teams like the Crows or the Raiders they’re toast.

      Personally, my choice for who gets invited to the big show next season is the Ponyville Fillies. Yeah, they’re an expansion team, currently playing only their second season…and YES they’re playing in the ‘kiddie leagues,’ but they’ve shown their star potential in Offensive powerhouses like Rainbow Dash, Defenseive giant Fluttershy (who singlehandedly shut down the Smoke Mountain Dragon’s offense last season) and unpredictable Utility poisiton in the form of Ditzy Doo (known to fans around the word as ‘derpy’) Combine this with an almost deliriously loyal fanbase and you have a team that’s worth looking at for next season!

      • Sorry to both of you but the Cybertronian Matrix has been waiting 3 million years to step up to the big show. This team is in their Prime. With powerhouses like Optimus, Prowl, Ironhide and Jazz, they not only still function, they could send a Shockwave out to the entire league.

  6. First off, the Jaynes have a solid chance at still making a decent season out of this. Also, all they are doing is getting experience from this.

    Yes, as mentioned, they are a young squad, but I really like their chances of pulling it together once they find the synergy they need.

    Secondly, the Fellowship has so many weaknesses. Gandalf is aged. Look for him to slow down considerably. Also, the hobbits are a real defensive liability with their limited *cough* stature and short legs. The only player I think you’ll really be able to rely on being viable in the next few years still is probably Legolas. Even that is assuming that Mirkwood doesn’t need him for some unrelated task.

    Bottom line? Canton can make this happen.


  7. No way these guys stay in the league, my kids could beat them. There is just no energy there.

    The big question is who is going to step up to take the slot for next season. Everyone likes both of the Dragons (and two Dragons teams, what are we the CFL?) The Westeros Dragons are the darlings of the lower league, but the old war-horse, The WoT Dragons could be making a return to form. My personal favorites are the Stainless Steel Rats, but they are unlikely to appear because of all the irregularities that occurred the last time they were in the big league

    • In all brutal honesty Westeros really doesn’t have a chance to make it into the Pro ranks this season. The FSL is driven by personality and name recognition, and the Dragons just don’t have any.

      Sadly, as much as I’d love to see my Fillies get called up, I’d have to put money on The Fellowship getting the nod, with loooong odds being on the most underrated team in the entire sport, which is of course the Cimmeria Barbarians.

      • I’m still pulling for the Winterfell Direwolves. I know they’re not as big as the Dragons, but I like the more small-town feel of the Direwolves. It’s bound to happen eventually, because as we all know, winter is coming.

  8. Oh, I do NOT believe this! These clowns do not deserve to be in the same SPORT as teams like Arrakis and Vulcan, and now THIS happens? And because of this piece of lunacy The Rebels, one of the most venerable teams in the sport’s history is staring down the barrel of relegation. And the facts speak for themselves: NO TEAM in FSL history that has been relegated has ever clawed their way back into the bigs…

  9. River has proven she can handle Jayne, on multiple occassions.
    I got nothing against the Mudders, but Jayne’s trash, and I’d sooner trust a reaver than that traitor!

    Serenity Valley all the way!


    We believed, you delivered. Mudder’s Milk for all!

    This party doesn’t end until preseason!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

  11. I’ve never been happier to have been proven wrong. I thought the Jaynes would just manage to avoid relegation, but become SFL Champions? Never in my wildest dreams did I think the Jaynes would win. I can’t wait for next season.

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