Vulcan Velocity

Stadium: Amonak Memorial
Coach: Selak
Colors: Red and Orange
Theme song: Song of the Sundering
Concessions: Kreila and Mashya
Marketing slogan: Escape to the inescapable

Vulcan Velocity LogoCaptain: Spock
Big Main: Sela
Offense: Talok
Defense: Ayel
Utility: Nero
(O, U) Sa’et
(BM, D) Sarek
(U, C) Boknar
(D) Talok
(O) T’Pring

4 thoughts on “Vulcan Velocity

  1. You can’t break this team down with X’s and O’s so I’m not even going to try! This is a club that knows how to win, and will do it every time if allowed. No one can deny the smarts of this Vulcan team. The Velocity are all intellectuals and will deliver scalpel slices, rather than cleaver chops, but each scalpel nick will be arterial, and every nerve pinched vital. Let’s take a look at the Velocity!

    Surak is the father of Vulcan Logic. Equal parts team manager, and spiritual counselor, Surak is unshakable as he is intelligent. Don’t take his cool, level-headed mien to mean that he is unwilling to produce results, though. His devotion to teamwork and grounding his charges in the fundamentals are a factor that produces surgical strikes within every aspect of the game.

    Being part human may be seen as a handicap to some on the Velocity squad, but Mr. Spock has proven time and again that he is as capable a mind-melder as any native son of Vulcan. His ability to store away emotional response on and off the field in spite of his slightly reddish-tinged green blood, and enact precise logical action at all times is a testament to his mental fortitude.

    The once and former all star of that intrepid Voyager team knows how to get down on the dirty side of it. Tuvok spent some time in the minors with teams like the Maquis and Excelsior under legendary manager, Hikaru Sulu. That time playing tough opponents, as well as battling his own inner demons, helped to forge Tuvok into the center man he is today. With both offensive and defensive abilities honed to a killer edge, and that classic Vulcan ice-water vascular structure, look for big plays at key intervals from this Velocity Adonis.

    It seems like this Velocity team actually ENJOYS fielding Vulcans who have spent time among the personages of mere mortal human beings. A prime example is the lovely and lethal T’Pol. She played a successful career in the minors with the Archers, and was called up to Velocity because of her talent for scoring from there. Although she has a history of minor drug-abuse allegations, she has assured the owners that this is unfounded and, “no longer an issue.” Some fear this might cause a modicum of un-needed tension in the Velocity clubhouse, but the cold-as-ice Velocity say no.

    When you think of key role-players and Velocity, only one is strictly not interchangeable. T’Pau has consistently placed herself at the right place and the right time to forge this team into a cohesive unit. While all the members of Velocity agree that there is TRULY no “I” in “TEAM” you don’t have this team without T’Pau. Her ability to detach her emotional responses and focus on the cool logic of the play make her an immovable object when the opposition tries to score.

    And the great diplomat on the playing field, for this squad, is the father of one Mr. Spock. Sarek exudes calm and clarity, no matter how hard the adversary. Do not think for one minute that this guy is past his prime, because the minute you’ve underestimated him, you’ve already lost. Sarek is also a skilled kal-toh master, and uses his experience of ordering chaos, and predictive reasoning, to slowly pick apart any antagonist who steps onto his playing field.

    Round out this stellar team with a solid performing bench, in a young but promising Vorik, the wily and veteran Soval, and slippery hedge-better Valeris, and this cadre of cool-headed characters are well poised to own the East.

    Even though Velocity have proven time and again their surgical prowess and unflappable calm, they still have to play the games and put points on the board. You can’t count chickens before they hatch and you can’t call the season before we play a single game. This is going to be one of the most exiting outings yet for the FSL! We’ll see you Thursdays!

  2. While no team is more balanced and disciplined that the Velocity I think the utter lack of emotion they show on the field will prevent them from going to the next level and winning a title.

  3. I for one hope to see a match-up between the Velocity and the Mordor Crows in the finals. Part of the Crows’ strength is the dominating presence and intimidating record they bring to every game, but it won’t even phase the Velocity for a second. If anyone has a chance of clipping the wings of the Crows, it’s this unconventional and extremely strong group of athletes.

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